Aromatherapy Course

April to September will be the last time we offer our diploma courses fully in person.  As there is a huge demand for my online courses, I have decided to put more time into developing them and increasing the range of online courses I offer. 

The anatomy & physiology course is already available online and the other diploma courses will also be available online within the next year.  

There will possibly be a guided learning option which is a mix of online and in person courses but as yet nothing is finalised.


Why this Aromatherapy Course? 

  • ​Internationally recognised qualification.
  • ​Ongoing Assessment
  • No exams.
  • Easy payment option.
  • ​Supervised student clinics.
  • ​Tutor has over 20 years experience
  • ​Small groups, all learning styles catered for.
  • ​​Free DVD of the aromatherapy massage routine

*Denise suffered bouts of depression on and off. She also suffered from panic attacks and was on medication. 

One of our aromatherapy course students, *Joan, made her a beautiful aroma inhaler with calming, gentle essential oils which are known to control adrenaline and calm the breathing. 

A week later, having used the inhaler every day, Denise was looking brighter and more relaxed. She had not had any panic attacks during the week and her doctor had reduced her medication.  

*Names have been changed to protect identity

Our Aromatherapy Course Content

You may already have looked at a lot of aromatherapy courses and if so, you will know that every ​recognised course covers 41 essential oils, full body massage, consultation techniques and client care, contraindications to essential oils and an introduction to essential oil chemistry. 

In Essentials we do all this and more. Here are some of the extras we cover which make a huge difference to your practical skills and confidence. 

  • Detailed information and group discussion on treating common ailments. As well as detailed sections in the course manual, our students enjoy a lot of supervised group discussion about successes as well as any questions and concerns about case studies. In this way, while the clients' details are kept private, everyone learns from each other. 
  • Some incredible uses of natural vegetable oils for skin conditions, pain & inflammation, PMT & menopause issues and for preventing & reducing infection 
  • Healing techniques including how to ground, centre and energetically cleanse yourself and your treatment room, how to "charge" essential oils and how this enhances their healing powers, how to use beautiful and powerful healing techniques as part of your massage.
  • How to practice self care: Self care of yourself as a therapist is vital to be able to continue giving excellent treatments. We will share quick and easy tips to care for your hands & wrists, your neck, shoulders & back to ensure that you avoid injury and wear and tear.  
  •  Using essential oil chemistry to make your blending more powerful and effective. Chemistry does not need to be boring, difficult or irrelevant. We teach essential oil chemistry in a way that is easy to learn and understand and more importantly, makes your blends extremely effective.  


Aromatherapy course

Are you considering ​taking the aromatherapy ​course with Jenny?

DO IT! I have done several courses and workshops with Jenny and they were all amazing experiences. Studying with Jenny is so much more than just learning another skill: Jenny brings so much personal interesting knowledge and fun to the courses, and both during and long after she shows a real interest in how you are getting on, always being available for questions and advice. 

​She makes you feel confident in your own capabilities and instils a real passion for anything holistic.

​Tessa Van Keek​en- ​​Lift Your Spirit, Dublin

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Aromatherapy Course Times, Dates & Fees

When does the next course start?

Our next Tuesday morning course starts on 30th April, the Thursday evening class starts on 2nd May. 

​What are the Course Fees?

​Aromatherapy Course with Anatomy & Physiology.

€1950 ​which is payable in 7 monthly ​installments as follows:

  • €250 deposit to secure your place
  • €290 payable on the first week of the month for the duration of the course
  • This includes an administration fee of €40
  • Fees are payable by standing order

Aromatherapy Course without Anatomy & Physiology.

€1300 ​which is payable in 7 ​installments as follows:-

  • €150 deposit to secure your place
  • €192 payable on on the first week of the month for the duration of the course
  • This includes an administration fee of €40
  • Fees are payable by standing order to the bank

Fees are inclusive of €175 VTCT registration fees, course manuals, oils and wipes, sanitiser etc for class.

You will need to provide towels, a tunic (of any colour) for the student clinics and any equipment and supplies for case studies and home use.

​​Do I need to take the Anatomy & Physiology Module?

Students will need to have completed an ITEC or VTCT level 3 qualification in Anatomy & Physiology within the last 5 years in order to qualify for an exemption from this module.

Students who have a different or an older qualification will have the option to take the exam without doing the course (€50 registration fee) or of self-study with guidance (€250 admin/registration/tuition fee)

​​Your Questions Answered

Is the qualification recognised?

​Yes, our awarding body is VTCT, the parent body of ITEC.

VTCT Qualification​s are internationally recognised.

Yes, your will get a VTCT diploma in aromatherapy which is recognised worldwide. 

Will I be able to learn what I need if I haven't studied in a long time, if I speak English as a foreign language, if I have dyslexia or ​other learning difficulty? 

Our classes are small so there so you will feel comfortable asking questions.

Jenny encour​ages "learning by doing" which is the most enjoyable and effective way to learn.

Over the years she has developed ​methods that will help you to learn ​and understand all parts of the course.

If you have an interest in aromatherapy you will be able to learn everything you need to know. We have small class sizes and a ve

Will I have time to study? 

​There is a lot to cover in the aromatherapy course. However, ​you will "learn by doing", which will help you to manage your time. 

Many of our students work full time, some work part time and have children, elderly parents and other ​commitmentsIf you can put aside 2 or 3 hours a week you will have plenty of time to study and practice your techniques.

​Will I be able to afford it? 

​The easy installment option o will make it easier to manage your fees. The course books, registrations fees and use of oils for class are all included in the fees. Also, you wil not need to purchase the oils upfront, unless  you want to. 

A diploma course is a big ​commitment and to make it affordable, we have broken​ the payments into 7 instalments.  We are always open to alternate payment plans, so feel free to contact us if you would like to have a chat in confidence.


I have just finished my aromatherapy course with Jenny and could never have imagined how much Essentials could change my life.

Not only does Jenny provide an amazing learning space but it is also like a second home! Jenny has a true gift, every therapist in Essentials is not only ​extremely talanted but warm hearted and full of life! Be warned! 

Once you walk into this little haven, you may not want to leave!

​Lorna Franklin ​ ​Dublin

About Jenny.

Jenny is the aromatherapy teacher and the founder of Essentials Holistic Centre, Malahide. 

She has been practicing and teaching aromatherapy for 20 years and is known for her passion for aromatherapy and her ability to instill not just practical knowledge and techniques in her students, but a confidence in themselves and ​their therapy.

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