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Thinking of Training to Be A Holistic Therapist?

If you are a holistic therapist, training to be a holistic therapist, or just getting started, you're in the right place.

You want to be a holistic therapist, doing work you love and that really makes peoples' lives better.

You need to make a decent income, so that you can pay your bills, go on holiday etc.

Perhaps you need to work around your children's hours or other family commitments.

Maybe you're a therapist already, but have no idea how to build a business.

Our Story

Jenny Sheridan is the owner/manager of Essentials Holistic Centre in Malahide which opened in 2012

She started her holistic career, like all holistic therapists, with great excitement and anticipation and got diplomas in massage, aromatherapy, reflexology and Indian Head Massage. Then she went to work in a day spa and ran into problems.

Her pressure wasn't firm enough, no matter how she tried. The advice to "Go harder", frankly didn't help. Her first Indian Head Massage client wanted to have the treatment lying down and she had only learned a seated version. A lovely client asked for a one hour back massage and her routine just covered 20 minutes. She needed more techniques and strokes. And learned them in various courses and from helpful experienced therapists.

As she began to build up her own practice she was surprised to realise that clients didn't que up when she put some business cards in the local shops and set up a facebook page.

So when she started teaching she was determined that each of her students would get all the skills they needed while training to be a competent successful holistic therapist.

And this is why you will learn advanced techniques on our massage course, (and of course, just how to use the right pressure) a fertility routine on our reflexology course, two versions in our Indian Head Massage course, how to ease pain with aromatherapy, and how to put together an effective and simple marketing plan on our business course

Jenny has been joined over the years by some fabulous tutors each bringing their own experience and  expertise. But they all go the extra mile to make sure their students get what they came for- practical skills to build up their holistic business.

Holistic Therapist

How We Can Help You

Our Courses Make You Work Ready Not Just Exam Ready

All the Practical Skills You Need

  • On our massage course you will learn how to adapt the treatment for each client; advanced techniques; healing techniques to enhance your treatment.
  • On our reflexology course you will have a thorough understanding of why you work each reflex. In addition to a standard routine, you will learn fertility reflexology, acupressure points and chakra balancing to enhance your already powerful treatment.
  • On our aromatherapy course you will learn how to create a blend of oils to suit the physical, mental and emotional needs of each client. You will understand chemicals in a way that is practical and helps enhance your blending skills. An understanding of the spiritual properties of the essential oils will really give your treatments an extra edge
  • Our anatomy & physiology course covers not just the basic facts of each system but how this relates to your treatments and, even more important to clearly explain to clients how your treatment can benefit them

You'll learn better, and remember more in our relaxed atmosphere

We have small classes, and a relaxed atmosphere. You'll feel supported, not just a number.

Which means you can really enjoy your course which is very important.

Our ongoing assessment is just great. No mad cram at the end of a course, no panic or stress. Instead you work through a portfolio and case studies throughout your course, until you and your tutors are satisfied you have a thorough grasp of what you need to know.

Your Learning Style and Needs Catered For

Anyone who wants to can learn holistic therapies. Many of our students haven't studied in years, some speak English as a second language, have a learning difficulty or are lacking in confidence for any number of reasons.

Over the years Jenny has developed a lot of teaching methods that suit every learning style. Our methods include crazy "artwork", ridiculous poetry, card games (snap and fish in the pond Anatomy & Physiology style!!) even our own version of pin the tail on the donkey. This makes our classes a lot more fun and the topics are more easily remembered.

Actual Experience to Build your Confidence

In most colleges, you practice on classmates and friends during your course.  But treating your first paying client after your training can be nerve wracking. That's why we love our student clinics. There's absolutely nothing like treating clients with the support and guidance of a tutor to build up your confidence.

​Holistic Business Course
​Practical Steps to build a thriving holistic business

​​Too many skilled and talented holistic therapists ​have no idea how to actually build ​up a thriving holistic business. 

Jenny ​​offers a Holistic Business Course which can be taken online at your own pace. Included in the course are lots of great ways to market your business, how to stay focused and consist​ent, how to get repeat business & lots more. Technophobes, newbies, everyone who has a desire to for a thriving holistic business ​​is welcome. ​

​Online Holistic Training.

​​After a lot of requests from students, Jenny is offering some fab courses online. 

  • Learn at your own pace.
  • Learn from wherever suits you - no travel or childminding problems!!
  • Step by step video tutorials, guides & pdfs.
  • All the course materials are yours to keep, super easy when you need a quick refresher!!

These include:-

Holistic Business Course, available from February 28th 2018;

Anatomy & Physiology Course, available from 31st March 2018;

5 Oil Facial Course, available from May 2018;

Mini Treatments Course, available from May 2018.

In the autumn, there will be some fantastic beginner and intermediate aromatherapy courses. In 2019, Jenny will launch her online Aromatherapy Diploma Course. 

What Our Students and Clients Say

I did the Holistic Massage course at Essentials and now I've come back to do a course on reflexology with Jenny and her team. The courses are great with many easy and practical ways to learn the theory and even involves a bit of fun.

Fiona Hickey
Healing Through Holistics

I have had the pleasure in undertaking a couple of courses in Essentials, I am currently studying aromatherapy in Essentials and plan on going onto do a lot more courses at the centre, there is no getting rid of me now lol.....

I really enjoy being in the centre, the atmosphere is just bliss, also Jenny has a great way about her in her teachings, that we all get a proper understanding and that no question that is asked is a silly one, we are all there to learn.

In addition the support you get from your peers/colleagues is tremendous, just to know we are there for each other, if it is for advice or swapping treatments with each other, not forgetting the friends you get to meet along the way.

I just love Essentials, the centre the people, the atmosphere and the tutors,I could not say enough about it, I would highly recommend anyone to go even just to have a visit, if it's for the open day, to receiving a wonderful treatment, or to further your education in the holistic sector,.... Essentials is the place to be.

Christine Farrell

I underwent brain surgery in January of this year and was left with partial numbness in my head and limited movement in my neck which resulted in a lot of upper body pain and sleepless nights. After a few sessions I really noticed the difference and my body started healing. I will be forever indebted to Jenny for helping me recover from this surgery.

Sinead Farrell

Meet Our Team

Jenny Sheridan

Jenny started Essentials Holistic centre after years of teaching and practising as a therapist in various locations including holistic centres, a day spa, community colleges and private colleges.

She believes learning should be fun, effective and enjoyable. She created a space where people really feel at home and nurtured. Essentials is often jokingly referred to as Hotel California, as in "you can check out any time you like but you can never leave"

Her top two sayings are “you know more than you think you do” and “it’s ok, I have a poem”. This last would usually be quoted in her anatomy classes in response to her students’ looks of panicked bewilderment when she rattles off the layers of the skin or some such. She likely to be caught looking smug and amused when the bewilderment turns to understanding, often laughter and relief

Naomi Slye

Naomi is a tree hugging adventurous lady whose favorite place in the world is India. She and her young son can often be found in Tara and other sacred places along with their wonderful singing bowls.

Naomi teaches massage and reflexology in Essentials. She'll keep you involved, keep you on your toes and leave you well prepared to  work in the holistic field.

Naomi is also a very successful massage therapist, reflexologist and aromatherapist and is very generous in sharing both her therapeutic techniques as well as her marketing tips with her students.

Cindy Morrissey

Cindy is a Shiatsu practitioner, reflexologist and Anatomy & Physiology teacher.

Cindy can be described as intelligent and compassionate with a wonderful sense of humour.

As a teacher she is very knowledgeable and patient, a perfect combination especially when her chosen subject is Anatomy & Physiology.

Therese McAuliffe

Therese is our beautiful (in every sense of the word) IET teacher and Life Coach.

Her IET training, as well as her therapies, will leave you with a sense of direction, a calmness and acceptance, the strength to cope with whatever is going on. So hard to describe the energy in her courses, it’s so powerful. Therese probably describes it best herself when she says “We were as high as kites in there”

Therese is a very spiritual lady with her feet firmly rooted in the here and now. She is strong and intuitive, very caring with a wicked sense of humour that may leave you wondering if you have just developed a hearing problem!!

Therese, the Angel Lady says- "Angels fly because they take themselves lightly"

Suzanne Mahon

Suzanne is a Woman on a Mission. An accountant in her former life, she is now engrossed in crystals, personal & psychic development, IET and healing in general.

Crystals, self development and healing have the power to change your perception, your confidence, your awareness and your life. Suzanne just loves to get this message across and see her students light up.

She runs courses on crystals, psychic developement, IET and meditation classes.

Rhiannon Lewis

Aromatherapists drool when Rhiannon's visits are announced. She is a beautiful lady and a wonderful teacher of Clinical Aromatherapy. She teaches a complex subject in a straightforward way. Totally passionate about both the chemical and magical sides of aromatherapy, her enthusiasm is contagious. 

Rhiannon is well known in aromatherapy circles, she is a founder of Botanica, and the editor of the International Journal of Aromatherapy. She lives in Provence with her husband and two beautiful dogs

Laura Carthy

Laura is super passionate about a healthy diet and how it can affect your mood, emotions, energy levels as well as looks. She runs Clever Health classes in Essentials which are supportive and practical, tailored around eating healthily when you have a busy lifestyle.

Laura also offers massage, reflexology, oncology reflexology, fertility reflexology, hot stone massage and IET in Essentials.

Deirdre Nugent

Deirdre is one of the few people to practice the amazing Gold Nugget Therapy. She is also an acupuncturist with extensive training and experience as well as an accomplished reflexogolist.

Deirdre's competence and her caring nature are a fab combination for such a lovely therapist.

Our Qualifications and Associations

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