​Massage is a wonderful therapy to treat common stress symptoms such as neck & shoulder pain, frozen shoulder, headaches, lower back pain and muscle tension. It soothes away aches and pains, and rejuvenates flagging energy.

​It eases tension and stress leaving you able to cope with life's ups and downs. 

​Massage will ​strengthen your immune system so you will be less likely to suffer from common complaints like colds and flu, research also suggests that massage can reduce the risk of more serious complaints, 

Not sure which ​treatment is best for you? Simply make your appointment and your therapist will help you to decide

​Massage Menu

Japanese Massage

Performed through light clothing. Japanese massage involves gentle stretching, acupressure and general massage techniques.​

One hour full body €65

​Holistic Massage

Pressure is adapted to ensure a relaxing experience while targeting areas of tension.

One hour full body €65

50 minute​ back, ​neck & ​shoulders​ ​€55


Massage with the added benefit of essential oils which are fantastic for stress, skin conditions, PMT and more.

One hour full body €​70

50 minute​ Back, Neck & Shoulders​ ​€​60

Indian Head Massage

Massage of the upper back, neck, shouders, head and face. ​Particularly good for sinusitis, headaches, TMJ & stress. Essential oils included.

50 minute treatment €60

​Pregnancy Massage

​Massage tailored for the needs of Mum & Baby. We use pregnancy safe essential oils to enhance the benefits. 

One hour full body €65

50 minute​ Back, Neck & Shoulders​ ​€55

​Deep Tissue Massage

​A ​particularly firm ​massage to ease deep and chronic muscle tension.

One hour full body €65

50 minute​ Back, Neck & Shoulders​ ​€55

​Deep Tissue Cupping

Silicone & Vacume cups are used for a deep & penetrating treatment. 

One hour full body €65

50 minute​ Back, Neck & Shoulders​ ​€55

​Aroma Hot Stone

Massage with soothing hot stones and essential oils. 

90 minute full ​body ​ €95

Warm Gold Nugget Massage

Said to be "like being massaged by the sun"​ Gold Nuggets not only ease pain but are fab for skin rejuvenation. 

90 minute full ​body ​ €95

60 minute​ Back, neck and shoulders ​€60

60 minute rejuvenating facial ​€60

​Meet Our Therapists



Jenny offers holistic , hot stone , pregnancy , aromatherapy, Indian Head , sports and deep tissue massage.


Deirdre is our one and only Gold Nugget therapist  and Deep Tissue Cupping therapist



Naomi's massage therapies include holistic, pregnancy , aromatherapy, Indian Head and Deep Tissue Massage


Cindy is our fab Japanese massage therapist. She also offers aromatherapy and Indian Head Massage.


Laura offers Aroma Hot Stone, Aromatherapy, Deep Tissue Massage, Holistic Massage and Indian Head Massage

​Our Happy Clients

I would like to recommend Deirdre to anyone who is looking to have done the Cupping and the hot gold nugget treatment. I've been suffering with my upper back for years and heard about Deirdre through a friend so decided to book myself in for a treatment. All I can say is WOW. The tension in my upper back is gone and I've never felt so well in a long time. I've booked myself in for another treatment. Anyone looking for these treatments I would highly recommend Deirdre. 110% worth it.

Sharon Campbell 

It would be unfair to keep this to myself...I feel so smug right little secret is...I just had Indian head, neck and back massage from Cindy Morrissey...the closest thing to lying on a beach with the sun on my face..I feel so happy and have a bounce in my step, feel so carefree! Cindy is fabulous! Thank you so much!

​Caroline Coughlan- Dublin

Lovely aromatherapy full body massage this evening. I've been to Essentials a couple of times and love the friendly welcome and atmosphere

Emer McCudden ​

We love holistic therapies and how they make people feel. 

Time and again we have seen how they can ease pain, increase energy and lift the mood.

Headaches, migraines, panic attacks, whiplash and severe anxiety are just some of the conditions we have had fantastic results for.

We are on a mission to let as many people as possible know just how powerful our therapies are.

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