Reflexology is a wonderfully relaxing treatment which has fantastic benefits for digestive problems,

muscle pain, PMT, fibromyalgia ​and many more.  


Your treatment will begin with a warm foot wrap, soothing balm is then massaged into the feet.

We use our own natural essential oil infused beeswax balm in the treatment. The balm is not only nourishing and deeply moisturising, it also helps with pain, hormonal issues and adds to the relaxation effect.

​The treatment continues with gentle kneading, stretching and rubbing techniques to work into the reflexes and bring about deep relaxation. 

The wonderful healing treatment at the end of the session will enhance the benefits and deepen the relaxation effect.


​Preg​nancy Reflexology

Reflexology has a great track record for ​aching backs, tired legs, lack of energy and even morning sickness.

Our therapists are specially trained to ensure your comfort ​throughout the treatment. 

You can relax on soft comfy pillows and enjoy the wonderful aroma of our pregnancy safe essential oil balm.

The therapist uses gentle movements to knead away your pain and discomfort to leave you feeling energised and upbeat.  



​Meet Our Reflexology Therapists

​Jenny Sheridan


​Deirdre Nugent

Cindy Morrissey

Naomi Slye


​Laura Carthy

What Our Clients Say

I​ Just had a wonderful Reflexology today by your lovely reflexologist Caroline Coughlan. Came in feeling run down,nauseous and tired. Left the room beaming with energy and feeling so much better. Caroline has a very caring nature and made me feel very relaxed and pampered. Will be recommending to my friends. Ash

​Aisling Moore


I recently had some reflexology at Essentials to help me with stress and pain,the very first treatment took my stress down a few notches but wow my pain has gone from a high pitched scream in m​y hips,knees,shins and ankles to a very quiet only occasional discomfort.

Jenny also recommended trying their aromatherapy pain balm....(have relied on Nurofen & anti-inflammatories for years now for bursitis, sciatica) ..i was sceptical about the pain balm but the nights I rubbed it onto my hips,knees,shins ,ankles I HAD NO PAIN! This is unheard of for me so I was flabbergasted...the pain returned but not as bad at all when I had run out of pain balm so I am utterly convinced that the aromatherapy pain balm is highly effective,All natural essential oils. Therefore not damaging my body like the over the counter painkillers/ anti-inflammatory. I highly recommend Essentials Pain I can sleep pain free through the night and carry on pain free through the day!​

​Please share if you think your friends would benefit ​

​Caroline Coughlan


We love holistic therapies and how they make people feel. 

Time and again we have seen how they can ease pain, increase energy and lift the mood.

Headaches, migraines, panic attacks, whiplash and severe anxiety are just some of the conditions we have had fantastic results for.

We are on a mission to let as many people as possible know just how powerful our therapies are.

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