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How many times have you finished a holistic training course and got few (if any) bookings? You know the training is great, you know the techniques give amazing results, but bookings.

Disappointing, after the time, effort and money you've spent. Frustrating that you have these amazing new skills to help your clients feel better, but you don't get to use them.

Here's 11 great ways that you, and your clients can benefit from your new therapy. These are all free, quick and effective. And social media is optional but not required!

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As soon as you decide to do the course start spreading the word.

  1. Put up social media posts about what the therapy is good for - maybe  sinusitis, fatigue, mature skin, etc.
  2. Put it on your website menu as "coming soon" with a description of how it will benefit your clients.
  3. Send your clients texts and/or newsletters about the course, how excited you are, how it will help them and when it will be available.
  4. If you need case studies, ask your clients if they'd like to have the treatment for a greatly reduced "fee" (I would charge between €5 and €15 for supplies, rent etc depending on what the treatment was). This will deter the freebie seekers! Alternatively you could offer a free treatment or course of treatments with their next appointment(s). Let them know this is a limited offer for the first few takers only. (as you only need a fixed amount of case studies)
  5. You could also share the offer on your Facebook page or group.

During the course

   6. Put up short posts about what you learned that day, the results you got for your case         studies/models etc.

After the course

   7. Make an announcement by email and/or newsletter letting your clients know that the new treatment is now available. Let them know how to book.

   8. Consider a limited time or limited number of reduced cost treatments and spread the word. 

   9. Ask your models and case studies to leave a review for you on Google My Business and/or Facebook, giving the benefits they got from the treatment as well as how enjoyable it was. Some people won't do it, they might intend to but not get around to it. But even 2 or 3 reviews can make a big difference.

   10. Share the reviews (with permission) as posts on social media, on your website and in your newsletters. 

   11. Put up a short video (10 to 20 seconds) of you giving a treatment. You'll have to ask your model's permission of course.  You don't need to show either your or their face on camera. 

Jenny xx

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