3 ways aromatherapists can create extra income streams

Are you an aromatherapist looking to expand your business beyond one-to-one treatments? You're in the right place! In this blog/podcast, I’ll share three ways aromatherapists can create extra income streams without seeing more clients, including:- 

  1. 1
    Selling bespoke products
  2. 2
    Teaching (my favourite!)
  3. 3
    Online treatments
  4. 4
    Practical ways to promote your products, classes and online treatments. 

Prefer to listen? Here's the podcast

Here are 3 ways aromatherapists can create extra income streams.

1. Selling Bespoke Products

A bespoke product is a product that's specially made for a particular person. Bespoke products are a fantastic way to enhance the benefits of a treatment. Maybe it's a therapeutic bath bomb that will help them sleep and ease stress. Or a beautiful blend that will speed up the rejuvenation effects of a natural facial. Not only is this great for the client, but it also opens up a new revenue stream for you.

How to get started

If you're already an aromatherapist, you can make up wonderful blends of essential oils for your clients to take home. If you're not an aromatherapist, and you'd like to train, why not check out my Aromatherapy Wellness Professional Course? Or if you don't want to sign up for a full diploma course just now, the Lotions and Potions Course might be just the thing for you.

When you've just treated a client you know what they need, and you're familiar with their physical and emotional state, so you can make them up a product there and then. 

Another option is that clients can contact you looking for an aromatherapy product. In this case you can do a short consultation, ask about their needs and preferences, medical history, and what specific issues they want the product to help with.

Should you charge for bespoke products?

Don't make the mistake I did, and give your bends and products away for free! "It's just a few oils", "It didn't take me long", "They need it and I can easily make it, I feel mean charging for it" were just some of the thoughts going through my head!

It's not "just a few oils", it's essential oils plus bottles, labels, carrier oils, your time, your training and your experience. 

It did take long. How long was your training? How much experience do you have? When a pharmacist makes up medicinal products would you say "Hey, that just took 5 minutes, why should I pay??"

Yes, the clients can benefit hugely from your products. But, don't assume they don't have money, people always have money for what's important. Would they go to a chemist or natural beauty shop and expect to get a beautiful facial serum or a sugar scrub for nothing? Don't assume they won't be happy to pay a fair price for a superior product that's made especially for them. 

How much to charge?

As a rule of thumb, calculate the prices of the bottles, labels, essential oils and other ingredients. Add a minimum of €10 per hour for your time and double it for a profit. It doesn't matter if you "happened to have" the oils already and someone gave you the bottle. Think of these as your stock, and charge accordingly. 

2. Teaching 

I just love teaching, I find it so rewarding and a lot of fun.

Here are some ways you can teach:

1) Private In-Person Workshops 

Run these at home if you have the space or check out the holistic centres and community halls in your area to see if you can rent them out by the day, for a weekend or over a few of evenings.

2) Local community schools

Send your CV and your qualifications to local community schools that offer adult education in the evenings. This way you don't have any expenses and the school does the promotion for you. 

Running local classes gives you the added bonus of increasing bookings in your one to one practice.

3) Online Courses

You can offer prerecorded classes, live classes on Zoom, or a combination of both. When you're starting I suggest that you use free and low cost options which work very well. You can upgrade to the fancy bells and whistles when you're up and running and making a nice profit. If you'd like to know more about creating and promoting online classes and courses, check out my Online Course Creation for Holistic Therapists.

A big advantage of online courses is that you can reach a global audience quite easily.

3. Online Treatments and Wellness Packages

Online treatments and wellness packages have been popular since covid. They give you and your clients more options and flexibility. 

How to arrange online treatments

First, carry out a consultation just as you would for an in person treatment. Here are some ideas for fabulous online treatments. 

Facial-in-a-Box, the ultimate Girls Night In: A facial-in-a-box could include all the products (for instance, an aromatherapy cleanser, toner, face mask, and moisturiser) and equipment for each person in a group to give and receive a natural facial. And with a cheap tripod and your phone you can make a video demonstrating the facial, put it on YouTube as an unlisted video and share the link. 

Wellness Packages: Offer packages tailored to specific conditions like stress, anxiety, or sleep issues. For sleep, you could include a therapeutic bath bomb, an aromatherapy inhaler, a pillow spray and a relaxing body oil.

How much to charge

As with bespoke products, work out the cost of your ingredients, add €10 per hour for your time (including making demonstration videos) and double that figure to include a profit. 

Promoting Your Products and Services.

Now that you've got these exciting new services lined up, it's time to promote them. Whatever ways you choose, be sure to clearly describe the benefits and the results your clients can expect, without making unrealistic promises. 

Update Your Website 

Make sure your new offerings are prominently displayed on your website on the home page and the services page. Some blogs would also help to show the benefits and results, and you can share the blogs on social media, in texts and emails.

Use Social Media 

Share posts about your bespoke products, teaching sessions, and online packages. Short videos (30 seconds or less) of you making products are very compelling. And you don't even need to show your face unless you want to.

Social media top tip: decide each week what you'll post about, and schedule it all in the Meta Business Suite. No cat videos, you be in and done in no time. If you'd like more help creating social media posts that get bookings but don't take a ton of time, check out my Social Media Booking Machine.

Newsletters and Texts

Keep your existing clients in the loop with regular newsletters. Tell your subscribers about your products, classes and online services, giving several ways to buy products or book classes.

Google My Business

This is probably the best way to attract clients for your treatments, products, and classes. A listing is free, and very visible and effective.


So those are 3 ways aromatherapists can create extra income streams, easy to promote your new treatments or products and some resources if you need help getting started. I'd love to know which of them you're thinking of trying, so feel free to leave a comment below,

Jenny x 

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