Welcome to Part 2 of Social Media Savvy

(Previously 30 Days of Facebook Posts)

Taking photos & videos, creating graphics on Canva, setting up an online booking system and an online newsletter 

We've looked at setting up a Facebook page and taking a bank of photos and videos for your posts.

Today you'll be able to set up a free online booking system so people can book right from your posts (cut down on "must get back to that then forget" syndrome that we're all too familiar with)

As always, please let me know if there is anything you don't understand or if I can help make the lessons any clearer for you. I want to make sure you get everything you need to enjoy the course and get results from it.  So I really appreciate the feedback.

Remember there's no such thing as a silly question when you're learning,

Jenny xx

Setting up a Booking System

Online booking systems are so handy. You can use Setmore not only on your Facebook and Instagram posts but on your website too. A lot of people prefer to book online rather than call so this will increase your bookings. 

Introducing Canva, a Graphic Design Tool

Designing a Meme 

Making a Facebook Header

Setting up an Online Newsletter

Setting Up a Newsletter on Mailchimp

Adding Contacts to Mailchimp

Adding contacts through social media

Sending a newsletter

Adding subscribers' first names

Re sending newsletters

Facebook and Instagram are great ways to build your business and attract new clients. But it's really important to keep in touch with clients and people who have shown an interest in what you do.

And social media should not be the only way to do that. You don't get to decide who sees your posts on social media and the rules can change at any time. 

With newsletters you have a lot more control over who hears from you. And as a group, your newsletter subscribers are a LOT more likely to book with you or tell their friends about you.

What to put in your newsletters? Special offers, competitions, self care tips and anything from the post buckets we'll cover in the next 2 parts of this course. 

I've covered how to set up a Mailchimp account, how to add subscribers to your list, how to send (and resend) newsletters

Let's Put It Into Practice

Today's Assignments

I'm guessing that you've guessed the assignments for today!

  1. 1
    . Watch the first video and set up Setmore. This is a one time only job that will be really helpful for your business 
  2. 2
    Open up a free Canva account and have some fun making memes and a Facebook cover using the pictures you took in Part 1
  3. 3
    Set up your Mailchimp account. Another once only job that will be super valuable. Then add subscribers to your list and start sending them regular newsletters that help and interest them, and encourage them to book with you.