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​5 Oil Facial

Online Course

​​Fully Insurable.

​Tutor Feedback on Your Treatments.

​Videos & PDFs for all Lessons. 

​Techniques for TMJ, Sinusitis,

Headaches & Anxiety.

​​Certified and Insurable.

​The 5 Oil Facial
"More ​Tha​n a Facial"

​​A Luxurious 90 minute Treatment. 

​Take your time and enjoy this treatment. Cleansing, toning, facelift massage, neck ​& shoulder massage and energy techniques using 5 beautiful blends of essential oils. 

​​​​​A 20 ​Minute ​Mini Facial to wow your massage clients.
​Create some fantastic specials by adding a lovely 20 minute natural facial to your massage or aromatherapy treatments.  
​Fabulous for pamper parties.

​​One of the most popular treatments for spa days and pamper parties. 

​​You Won't Be On Your Own

​Jenny Sheridan Course Tutor.

Send me a video of you doing the full treatment and I will give you helpful feedback. 

Don't worry about the tekkie bits, I have included step by step directions. 

​I'm Jenny, the course tutor. I have been teaching holistic therapies for over 20 years.

I created the 5 Oil Facial course because natural facials are in huge demand. But I didn't just want the treatment to be only about beauty, so ​it also targets anxiety, headaches, TMJ and sinusitis.


the ​​5 Oil Facial online course is perfect for you if:-

  • You want to do extra training but you're short on time. 
  • You really want-and need- to make a decent income from your holistic business. 
  • You want your treatments to stand out so you can attract more clients.  
  • You're a massage therapist and you want to offer something extra special to your clients.
  • bullseye
     You're a reflexologist and you'd like to offer a Head to Toe treatment.
  • You would like the convenience of an online course but you also want feedback on your techniques. ​ 

Sign Up for the VIP list ​& get access to the bonuses ​& lower price. 

​No upfront payment or committment required

​VIP Fee



or 3 monthly payments of €60

  • ​Video Tutorials for all lessons.
  • Downloadable PDF's for all lessons.
  • Tutor Feedback Free for First Treatment.
  • Sinusitis Massage.
  • ​Headache Treatment.
  • check
    TM​J Treatment.
​standard fee


​or 3 monthly payments of €7​4 

  • Video Tutorials for all lessons.
  • Downloadable PDF's for all lessons.
  • Tutor Feedback Free for First Treatment.

First tutor feedback ​for a full facial is free. 

Second tutor feedback on a lying and seated massage is €25 . 

Further feedback is €50 per ​treatment.

what ​you will learn in the
​5 Oil Facial online course

  • Natural Facelift Techniques.
  • How to make 5 fabulous blends of essential oils to nourish the skin.
  • Natural Face lift techniques
  • Hand with Heart
    Acupressure Points for skin rejuvenation, pain & anxiety.
  • Hand with Heart
    Cleansing, deep cleansing, toning & moisturising.
  • Hand with Heart
    Healing techniques.

​sign up for our vip list ​to get bonuses and ​save money. 

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Sinusitis massage

A super quick and effective treatment for sinusitis and hayfever.

Value €35

TMJ Treatment

A few acupoints and a massage routine to ease this surprisingly common condition which affects the jaw, the face, the head, the neck.

Headache Routine.

There are different types of headaches with different causes. This will help headaches caused by stress, posture, congestion & more.

Value €35

Save up to €42 off the Course Fee.

No Upfront Payment or Commitment Required.

the ​5 oil facial online course is
fully ​certified & insurable. 

  • Complete ​the homework exercises on each module to a minimum of 70%.
  • ​Send a video of ​the treatment to me. ​It need to be to professional standard, but don't worry I'll give lots of tips.
  • Do 3 ​treatments for 3 people (total of 9 treatments) and send me the case studies. I will provide ​all the guidance you need. 

​As a graduate of Essentials, you can obtain membership of the International Institute of Complementary Therapists.

The membership package includes referral to insurance companies.

For more information:-

​Europe:- www.iict.co.uk/

Australia & New Zealand:-www.iict.com.au/

US and Canada:-www.iictinsurance.com/

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