January 26, 2018

This post will teach you 5 ways to stay visible on Facebook.

With the recent changes to Facebook's algorithm, a lot of holistic therapists are concerned about how to get in front of their clients.

Is it even worth staying of Facebook? It really is worth it, and the video below will show explain why.

How to Stay Visible on Facebook

How to "See posts first" & get engagement

There has been a lot of talk lately about the changes in Facebook's algorithm.

But, really, it's nothing to get stressed about. Facebook wants users to have a positive experience and so they will see more posts from family and friends and fewer promotional posts from businesses. 

But Facebook is not dead for your business, it's still a great platform to engage with new and existing clients.

5 Ways to Stay Visible on Facebook

  • 1
    Ask your clients and friends to click "See posts first" on your page. This means they see your posts. Also the more people who want to see your posts, the more Facebook will share them.
  • 2
    Use Events for your offers, new treatments etc. Events are very visible on timelines at the moment. 
  • 3
    Use Facebook Groups, local buy and sell groups, special interest groups, or create your own group.
  • 4
    Use Facebook Live. I know, it can seem terrifying, but the more you do it the easier it gets. Try a few prerecorded videos to get used to it.
  • 5
    Create engagement. Don't just share your price lists, availability and offers. Share helpful information that people want to comment on and share. Like stretches for back pain, using olive oil for sore muscles etc.

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