Indian Head Massage Helps to Boost Your Holistic Business

Indian Head Massage is effective, versatile, and a fantastic way to get more bookings and give you extra income streams.

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Here are 7 ways Indian Head Massage helps to boost your business.

1. So Many Opportunities.

Let's start with where you can offer Indian Head Massage. You'll probably think of lots more ideas.

  • Corporate Massage
  • Mobile Massage
  • Massage parties/pamper parties
  • Chair massage for groups of Mums when the kids are in school.
  • Chair massage for  teachers and students in local schools or colleges.
  • Chair massage in the airport,
  • Chair massage in local markets
  • Chair massage at kid's football games,
  • Chair massage at school fairs,
  • Chair massage at hairdressers' waiting areas.
  • Chair massage in hotels and B & B's for staff or guests.
  • Chair massage in ladies clubs, golf clubs & gyms.
  • Using the lying massage as a fabulous treatment or add on for your therapy room.

Plan events or visits carefully. Contact the manager or person in charge in advance and explain the benefits of the treatment. You could offer them a free sample treatment so they can see the benefits for themselves.

Make sure your insurance covers you to work in different places.

2. Let Clients Experience Your Magic

The traditional seated Indian Head Massage is a great way to showcase your treatments. The only equipment you need is a chair and a towel or pillow. The treatment can be as long or as short as you need.  

It's perfect for open days and charity events and it can encourage clients to book for a full massage. If you'd like to give Indian Head Massage in a company why not offer the personnel manager a free treatment? Even a short massage can break down some painful knots and show how the treatment could benefit employees. 

3. Mobile Massage Minus the Hassle

Being able to offer mobile massage can open up a new income stream for you.

But. If you've even done mobile massage, you will know all about the hassle of packing up your massage table, pillows, plinth cover, plinth roll, music etc. There's the packing and unpacking. Then there's the setting up. And taking down. And repacking.

What if you just had to bring your sanitiser, oils and a pillow?

4. Gets your name and your brand out into the world.

Paid or unpaid, Indian Head Massage demonstrations are fabulous ways to attract clients.  

You can make an impact even on people who don't receive a treatment at the time. Here's a list of what you could bring with you:-

  • Business cards with contact information and website/facebook page.
  • Flyers/Rack Cards with contact information and website/facebook page.
  • Appointment Book
  • Vouchers for extra time or money off. I would make these valid for a limited time, maybe a month.
  • Encourage people to take several and share with their friends and family. Canva is a great site to create these.
  • Home care tips for stress, muscle tension, insomnia. You could use Canva for this too. Remember to include your contact details.  
  • Brochures explaining how Indian Head Massage can benefit common complaints.
  • Email signup sheet. Make it worth their while to sign up.
  • Don't wait too long before emailing them or they'll forget you exist. In fact, if you have a newsletter prepared before the event, you can send it off the same day or the next day.

5. Helps you reach unlikely clients.

Getting visible in your community can help you to reach people who could benefit from massage but haven't experienced it.  

Giving sample paid or unpaid treatments at a public event means lots of people can see the treatment, how nice it looks, and be more likely to try it then and there or book a private session with you.

The fact that they  just need to uncover their shoulders, or even stay completely clothed, often makes the treatment more inviting.  My Indian Head Massage Online Course includes a seated as well as a lyng massage. In the seated routine you will learn to work without oil on bare shoulders and upper back. 

Having your promotional material on hand is important. Some people might be too shy to have a treatment in public or even to approach you to ask questions.

6. Keeps you busy during your slow periods.

If you're having a slow day or even a slow period why not approach local businesses and offer chair massage for staff during lunch breaks?  

Or put a blackboard outside you premises offering chair massage?

Slow periods are often holiday periods so this could be a good time to approach hotels and B&B's.

7. Increasing bookings with a lying massage.  

Indian Head Massage Helps to Boost Your Holistic Business

On our Indian Head Massage Online Course you will learn the seated as well as the lying routine. If you're already a massage therapist you'll be well aware of the benefits of massage which include increasing energy, easing muscle tension, reducing anxiety and stress, boosting the immune system and much more.

When you include the head in a massage, it brings the treatment to a whole new level. It's like the best of massage and healing. It's the main treatment I recommend to my clients for stress and anxiety.

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Indian Head Massage, particularly the lying massage is also fabulous for:-

Sinusitis, Hay Fever, TMJ (Tempromandibular Joint Syndrome), Hair Loss, Migraines, Headaches. It can also help some cases of tinnitus.

A few tips to spread the word.

  • Describe the benefits just as you would if you were talking to a friend.
  • Then put it on your business cards, website, in social media posts, in texts and emails to your clients etc.
  • Create information cards about how Indian Head Massage benefits these ailments. Have one card per ailment so you can hand them to clients who have these complaints or know someone who does. The information can be included in your newsletters and social media posts.
  • If you've recently trained or are just about to include Indian Head Massage in your menu, make a facebook event, header and pinned post to announce it.
  • Create a special, or signature treatment using Indian Head Massage with another therapy such as a back massage, reflexology, reiki or facial.

Would you like 50 + easy tips to increase your bookings in any economy?

  • Effective social media ideas,
  • Get regular bookings with newsletters and texts,
  • Easy treatment upgrades and reward schemes,
  • Get to the top of Google,
  • Options for extra income streams.
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