Hi, I'm Jenny

I teach holistic therapists all the skills they need to build a successful holistic business, change clients' lives and enjoy an abundant income.

Let me guess...........

  • You're passionate about holistic therapies and natural healing,
  • Your current job just doesn't fulfill you
  • You want hours that suit your childcare and/or other commitments,
  • You want a decent income so you don't stress about your bills and you can enjoy life. 

                       You Need 2 Sets Of Skills To Set Up An Abundant Holistic Practice

I almost gave up on my holistic business because I didn't have the skills and knowledge I needed

But You Don't Need To Learn the Hard Way, As I Did

First, "Real Life" Therapeutic Skills, Not Just "Exam Ready" Skills

I started my holistic training in 1994 and over the next few years I learned healing, holistic massage, aromatherapy and counselling skills. I was really excited to start working as a therapist and I had visions of doing work I loved, having lots of happy clients, working hours that suited my children's needs and getting well paid. Happy days.

But that's not how it worked out at first.

  • I started working in a day spa and found that my pressure wasn't firm enough, no matter how I tried. Being told to "go harder" didn't help.
  • My first Indian Head Massage client wanted to have the treatment lying down and I had only learned a seated version.
  • Another client asked for a one-hour back massage and I had only learned a 20-minute routine. That was a pretty boring massage for me as well as the client!

  If this was going to work, I needed more training. But practical training, for the real world. I took extra courses and got tips from helpful experienced therapists. And finally, I was work ready. I got an immediate increase in bookings and was often booked out for 3 weeks in advance. 

Skill Number 2, How to Attract Clients

When I began to build up my own practice I was surprised to realise that clients didn't appear when I put some business cards in the local shops and crossed my fingers. I decided this wasn't going to work and went back to my corporate job (which I hated) to pay the bills.

But I couldn't stick it for long, so I decided to find a way to build up a client base. If other therapists could do it surely I could too. So I asked other therapists, took online courses to learn practical marketing and it all came together. My client list grew and I was booked up doing what I loved, and still being there for my children and being my own boss. Happy days for real this time!

My Students Get To Learn All This The Quick & Easy Way

When I started teaching, I wanted to give my students everything they needed to be successful. Without having to go through the stress and frustration I did. So, my massage course includes advanced techniques, my Indian Head Massage Course includes a seated and a lying version, my reflexology students learn fertility treatments and hand treatments not just the basic routine.

I Really Couldn't See How Online Training Could Possibly Work

But nothing stays the same and over the years I was getting lots of requests to put my courses online. This made no sense to me because how can you learn a holistic therapy online? Eventually I figured out how to give video feedback and my students loved it. The

online courses quickly became more popular than live courses.

There's a lot of work in online courses just as there is in live courses. I knew I couldn't give my all to both and give my students all the help and support they need. So I reluctantly decided to give up my premises so I have the time I need to develop the online courses and support my students.


I have created online holistic training courses so that you can train, upskill and learn how to attract all the clients you need.

You need particular skills to give excellent, not just satisfactory treatments. 

You need to know how to fill your appointment book.

I can help you, as I've helped hundreds of other therapists. 

My online courses help you to train, upskill and build your client base.

Study at your own pace, from wherever suits you. 

You'll get realtime support from me as you learn. 

Online but not alone!

Why Listen to Me?

My name is Jenny Sheridan and I've been a holistic therapist and tutor for over 20 years. I have trained several hundred practicing holistic therapists.

I'm qualified in Holistic Massage, Sports Massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Maternity Massage, Maternity Reflexology, Cancer Care Massage, Cancer Care Aromatherapy, Cancer Care Reflexology, Clinical Aromatherapy, Indian Head Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Tuina Acupressure, Reiki, IET, Holistic Facial and Natural Facial.

My trainer awards include ITEC Teacher's Diploma, VTCT Assessor Award and FETAC Train the Trainer Certificate.

I have worked in various holistic centres and colleges in Dublin. In 2012 I opened Essentials Holistic Centre in Malahide Dublin. This I ran very successfully and happily until 2019, when, because of increasing demand, I changed over completely to online training. 

Niamh Tansey

Reflexology by Niamh

Swords Co Dublin

Thanks so much for helping me starting my new career and break away from the stressful corporate world...will forever be grateful for all your help thank you so much xx

Holistic Therapist Hygiene Course

Just €12

Prepare to see your clients safely again with my hygiene certificate course. Here's what's covered:-

  • What covid is and how it spreads 
  • Anti viral cleaners
  • Using essential oils to help protect against infection
  • Cleaning routines
  • Safe policies including online payments, online consultations etc
  • Reassuring & educating your clients

Plus, when you complete some multiple choice questions, you'll get a certificate to share on social media, your website and hang on your therapy room wall. A great way to make your clients feel comfortable and safe.

"You make the new normal more easy to follow, Jenny, and less stressful 

with your practical down to earth guidance"

Anne Kelly Holistic Therapist Dublin