9 Surprising advantages of online aromatherapy training

Advantages of online aromatherapy training

Prefer to listen? 

When I was first asked to offer online aromatherapy training (and other other online holistic training) I said definitely not. Because I believed, and I still believe, that aromatherapy and holistic therapy students need one to one guidance and support when they’re learning any new therapy.

But I thought about it a lot, and then I had a lightbulb moment and I knew I’d be able to support my students at least as well on an online course as I could on an in person course. More on this later in the post!

I ran my first online aromatherapy course in 2018, and I never looked back. Within a year my online course was more popular than my in person course and I closed my bricks and mortar holistic college to focus on my online training. 

With an in person course, there’s more banter and interaction between students and teachers. And you don’t need to worry about any tekkie stuff like taking videos or sending in assignments. But overall, I prefer online training, as a tutor and as a student, and here’s why:-


With online aromatherapy training you can study whenever and wherever it suits you, all you need is access to a computer, an iPad or a phone. So there’s no need to travel, organise babysitters, or worry about shift work. And you never miss a class, you're never late for a class, and you can repeat classes as often as you need to.


You study at your own pace, there’s no start or finish date. Some students complete in three or four months, others take a year or more. And if "life happens" as it does, you can take a break or reduce your study time every week.

Plus there are multiple ways of learning to suit every learning style. Videos, slides, quizzes, silly poems, practical case studies (that don’t give you writers cramp!) and true to life assignments that students find a pleasure not a chore. 

Massage is an optional module

I think being able to offer aromatherapy massage is a big plus, and that aromatherapy massage is really special. But I have had students over the years who for various reasons didn’t want to do massage. When I was teaching in person courses, there was no option, the awarding bodies I taught for insisted on it. I really like the fact that it’s now a plus not a requirement. 

Comprehensive curriculum

Probably one of my favourite parts of online teaching and learning. I’m not limited in what I can teach either by time constraints or an external syllabus. So I can teach those “extras'' that make my students competent and confident aromatherapists who stand out as the experts that they are. Aromapsychology, practical chemistry (no rattling off the main chemicals in 43 essential oils), business building and more.

Lifetime access

You get lifetime access to all the course materials and to any upgrades, so you can refresh whenever you like. And there’s no need to pay for refresher courses.

Online but not alone

  • There are multiple easy ways to ask questions - in the comments section in the course, via email or WhatsApp, you don’t need to wait till the next class. 

  • You get individual feedback on your written assignments and case studies. And |I just love the written assignments, they’re very true to life, students enjoy them, and they help situations you will very likely come up against in the future.

  • If you opt to do the massage module, you take videos of yourself practising the techniques from each lesson, and I return your videos with voice-over feedback and tips. And, unlike an in person class, my attention is 100% on you, not an entire class. My students love the feedback videos as they can see exactly what they're doing as I'm commenting, an amazing learning tool!

Less stress

  • Online aromatherapy training is assessment based, the standard is high, but it's nowhere near as stressful as exam based in person training. I’ve been teaching assessment based courses since 2014, and I know assessments really help students become work ready, not just exam ready. 

  • Assessments are realistic and true to life. Students do not need to do the same number of strokes in the same places in the same order as everyone else. Instead, they find out what the client needs and give the type of massage that’s best for the client, focusing on any areas of tension. Just like professional, competent aromatherapists. 

  • If the treatment is not a professional standard, I tell the student what they need to do to improve, and they redo the assessment at a time that suits them. So there’s no fail and no waiting for the next exam in 6 months time to repeat. 

  • Another thing I love about assessment based courses is that you don’t give your first “real” treatment when you finish your training and have no support from a tutor. You do it while a tutor watches and gives helpful tips and feedback.

International recognition

International recognition is a big plus, because you can work from anywhere in the world. My online aromatherapy course is approved by the International Institute of Complementary Therapists and you can get insurance to practice in most places in the world. 

Getting started with your business (or growing your existing one)

Sinusitis Cash Injection for Therapists

With this short class and 5 minute treatment you will be able to:-

  • Increase your rates by €5 or €10 by offering a sinusitis/hay fever treatment as a valuable upgrade, 
  • Double your bookings by including the sinusitis treatment as part of a unique referral/reward scheme,
  • Create an extra income stream by selling the powerful blend to your clients who need it (options for aromatherapists and non aromatherapists) 

And if you're cringing at the thought of charging THAT much, think of the VALUE you're offering to your clients, and how much MORE they would happily pay.


My name is Jenny, and I’ve been a holistic therapist and tutor for over 20 years.

I ran my own holistic college and wellness centre for many years and, since 2017, I have been teaching holistic therapies and holistic therapy marketing online.

In this blog, in my podcast, my book and in social media I share tips about aromatherapy, essential oils, reflexology and marketing tips for therapists.

Jenny Sheridanteacher, therapist, author

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