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Easy to Learn and Remember

Learning Anatomy & Physiology is not just about being able to rattle off a huge amount of information for an exam. 

On this course you will learn how the body systems work and how you can use the information get fantastic results for your clients.  

You will understand common diseases and disorders, know whether you can treat clients and if you need to adapt your treatments. 

You will also know why your therapies help your clients and how to clearly explain this to them .

13 modules each with bite sized videos, downloadable manuals, homework assignments & a fantastic revision tool.

Let's Make This Easy.....

I share my top tips to make learning Anatomy & Physiology 

easy to understand and remember

Explaining all about the Bones, what they do, what ​do disorders mean for us as holistic therapists. 

Anatomical Directions are just ways of describing clearly where something is on on the body. 

This module can be daunting.

But there are lots of poems and tips to help you remember.

We'll break this section down to manageable parts.

Did you know that there are a lot of factors that affect the health of the skin, hair and nails?

We'll also cover how our therapies can benefit the skin, hair and nails.

The body is made up of trillions of cells. All our cells, and our cell parts are constantly communicating constantly.

The Cell can be looked at like a mini city. It has a brain/boss, energy supplier, transporter, waste management and lots more.

This will help learning and understanding the cell so much easier. 

Massage therapists often tell clients that massage energises, boosts the immune system and reduces pain. Here's why...

The lymphatic system is the helper of the circulation. This will explain even more how massage can benefit the immune system, improve skin conditions and lots more. 


We know we need oxygen to live. But do you know how else it helps the body? And how holistic therapies make the system more effecient and reduce nasty colds and flus?


"You Are What You Eat" But its not just what you eat, its how efficient the digestion is. Poor digestion can cause skin problems, depression and lots more. So important for holistic therapists to have a basic understanding of this system. 


The endocrine system is one of our communications systems. Directly or indirectly, it controls all the other systems of the body. 

We will take a look at how the endocrine system works, how it affects sleep, skin, stress levels and lots more. 

And how your holistic therapies can help with problems in this system.


The nervous system is a super fast communication system.

We'll delve more deeply into the damaging effects of stress and how your holistic therapies can have HUGE long and short term effects on your clients' mental and emotional health.

The Reproductive System


A brief introduction into how this system works and how we can help our clients who have the oh too common problems like PMT, menopause issues and more. 

Another short module. The urinary system has a BIG effect on all the other systems of the body and even on mood and emotion. 

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