The Respiratory System.

Supplies the body with oxygen.

It's made up of a series of passageways and air sacs.

What This Module is About

We will look at the function of the respiratory system (you can probably guess this!) and the parts included in the system. 

Each section includes:-

  • A video tutorial,
  • Downloadable slides.

At the end of the module there are multiple choice and written questions to test your knowledge.

You need to get 100% in the multiple choice questions to pass. Please download and complete the written questions and email them to me at  

The function and structure of the respiratory system

The Stages of Respiration

Diseases of the Respiratory System

And finally.....

Questions are a great way to cement your knowledge.

There is a multiple choice option, you need to get 100% in all the modules to get an Essentials certificate.

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