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Wonderful! All I need to know about aromatherapy and fighting viruses in a nutshell.

Easy pace. Recaps are a really good idea - I feel I learned what you covered.
Thank you Jenny 

Alison Byrne Holistic Therapist, Healer & Teacher

What You'll Learn In The 70 Minute Video

  • 10 Powerful anti viral & immune stimulating essential oils
  • Essential Oil Safety so you feel confident in your products
  • Brief history- how plants and oils were successfully used in the past to ward off infection
  • Fabulous essential oil products you can make at home including Chest rubs, Perfumes, Inhalers, Burner blends, Car fresheners &  A  Home Cleaning Product
  • If you want to really explore the world of aromatherapy, I'll share information on my Aromatherapy Wellness Professional, an online aromatherapy diploma course.  

Hi I'm Jenny 

Let me start by saying that I'm not medically qualified. But, an an aromatherapist and aromatherapy teacher for over 20 years, I have used essential oils very successfully to prevent and treat a lot of infectious conditions.  

My son, daughter and myself were the only people in a group of 20 who avoided a highly infectious, particularly nasty tummy bug. And we were the only ones in the group using my quickly created essential oil remedies.

I could give lots more examples to show how powerful essential oils are in preventing and fighting infectious illnesses.

In the free video, you'll learn easy ways to help protect yourself, your loved ones and your clients against all kinds of infections. 


Thank you so much Jenny. Great tutorial. Lots of great info x

Moira McGinley, Holistic Therapist


That was absolutely brilliant Jenny thank you so much!

Agatha Rossini, 

Yoga Teacher

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