Do you want to create social media posts that get bookings in just 20 minutes a week?

Here's what's included:-

Safety Guidelines and Blending Secrets

Essential Oils and Natural Vegetable Oils for Different Skin Conditions and Skin Types

Nature's Arsenal

Beautiful natural ingredients to include in your products - floral waters, herbal teas, aloe vera gel, fruit and lots more.

Facial in a box experience for your clients to use at home. 

Beautiful natural ingredients to include in your products - floral waters, herbal teas, aloe vera gel, fruit and lots more.

Show me the money

Effective ways to market your beautiful new treatment and fill your appointment book.


A course e-book and a Nature's Arsenal e-book so you can quickly find any recipe you need without having to rewatch the videos. 

Praise for Jenny's teaching

"Absolutely fabulous course. I highly recommend it, great addition to your toolbox of therapies. It's a wonderful treatment to give and receive. Jenny’s laid back and friendly approach to teaching made this a very enjoyable course so enjoyable. I will definitely be back to learn more here"

"This course has taught me sooooooo much. Jenny’s way of teaching is calm, gentle so informative, so much knowledge in a short course. I like the reminders of safety and contraindications. It sticks in your mind. Now getting the buzz for chemicals. Thank you, Jenny"

Aromatherapy Skincare Course Pricing

€68 or 2 payments of €37

Approx £58/USD $74/AUD $113

  • Skincare tutorials
  • Facial in a box experience
  • Show me the money - how to effectively market your new treatment.  
  • Course e-books for handy reference/revision
  • Lifetime access to the course and to any updates.


  • Enrol and get full access to the course.  
  • Complete the assignments in your own time and get your certificate.
  •  Watch "Show me the money" for some practical ways to spread the word and increase your bookings. 

Hi I'm Jenny

I help holistic therapists to train, upskill and earn 2K + months, working part-time.

I created the Aromatherapy Skincare Course to give my students a unique treatment to offer their clients so that they can easily increase their bookings (and their bank balance!) while helping their clients both physically and emotionally. 

profitable holistic therapy business

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to get insurance when I finish the course?

Will I be able to use essential Oils in my treatments if I'm not an aromatherapist?

Will I be Able To Learn Everything I Need if I Speak English As A Second Language, If I Have Dyslexia Or Other Learning Difficulty or If I Haven't Studied For Years?

Is the course recognised internationally?

How many hours do I need to study?

Do I need to buy all the essential oils right away?


Peace of Mind Promise

Take the Aromatherapy Skincare Course for a no obligation test drive! If within 7 days of enrolment, you decide it's not for you, I'll refund your money, no questions asked.

Jenny xx