Make Your Own 
Summer Ready Aromatherapy Kit 
for Glowing Skin & Vibrant Health 

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At the end of this one hour webinar you will have all the knowledge and all the confidence you need to 

create your own fabulous aromatherapy products

for skin and health this summer. 

      If you have ever wondered:-

Just how powerful essential oils really are

How easy is it to create powerful blends for health & beauty

How to turn your passion into a business that benefits lots of people and brings you joy

If it's possible to study for an aromatherapy diploma if childcare, shift work and time are real issues

         You should definitely 

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At the Webinar You'll Discover How To:

  • 1
    Use simple ingredients to make a spa-quality sugar scrub for beautifully soft skin on your feet.
  • 2
    Make your own natural moisturiser that not only cares for your skin but also lifts your mood!
  • 3
    Create a gentle but powerful first aid blend for children. Fabulous for cuts, scrapes & bites. 
  • 4
    Easily deter pesky mosquito and flies. If you suffer a lot from mosquito bites you're going to LOVE this! 
  • 5
    Banish stuffy hayfever with a wonderfully clearing & pain relieving blend of essential oils.
  • 6
    A crazy effective remedy for sunburn
  • 7
    Avoid the misery of "holiday tummy" with a super easy blend

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Step 2

Enjoy the bonus Video Tutorial

"How to Use Essential Oils"

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Step 3

Enjoy the webinar and take away your eBook with all the recipes to use at your leisure.

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Total Value of the webinar and bonuses €97

There's no price tag for being able to ease uncomfortable hay fever, avoid horrible tummy bugs, protect your children against infection and create your own natural skin care products


Total cost to you €0

Can't Make The Webinar?

Don't worry, I'll email you a link to the replay.

Why Listen to Me?

Jenny Sheridan


When you're learning something new, you need to know you're in good hands, so here's a quick introduction to me.

I'm Jenny and I've been an aromatherapy tutor for over 20 years. I have had the most amazing results for my clients, introduced hundreds of people to the joy and the power of aromatherapy and trained over 150 practicing aromatherapists.  

Once I started studying and teaching holistic therapies I wanted to know more and more. I have also qualified in clinical aromatherapy, massage, sports massage, Tuina acupressure, pregnancy massage, Indian Head massage, reflexology, Reiki, IET and natural facial and holistic facial. 

When I create courses I love to use techniques and knowledge from a variety of therapies. I find this really helps my students in their practice.  

Although I have a teaching diploma from ITEC, an assessor's award from VTCT and a train the trainer cerfiticate from FETAC, I consider that I have really learned about teaching from my students.  


Are you considering ​taking the aromatherapy ​course with Jenny?

DO IT! I have done several courses and workshops with Jenny and they were all amazing experiences. Studying with Jenny is so much more than just learning another skill: Jenny brings so much personal interesting knowledge and fun to the courses, and both during and long after she shows a real interest in how you are getting on, always being available for questions and advice. 

She makes you feel confident in your own capabilities and instills a real passion for anything holistic. 

Tessa Van Keeken 

/Lift Your Spirit, Dublin


I'm currently doing the online Indian head massage and 5 oil facial.

The on line layout is fantastic, great videos and notes all very well put together.

Jenny has been absolutely amazing during the whole process no matter what I've had to email her about. I can't recommend high enough.

Maggie Neary Kerr
/Holistic Therapist Dublin

Can't Make The Webinar?

Don't worry, I'll email you a link to the replay.

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