In this post I share a burner and diffuser recipe that you can use for your therapy room that makes clients feel super relaxed and brings your treatments to the next level.

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Beautiful relaxing aromas are a lovely way to enhance your client's experience and deepen their relaxation. And it will certainly encourage them to rebook.

The recipe I'm going to share with you is one I call the "Cranky Day Blend", and it is probably my favourite aromatherapy recipe.

I use three essential oils in the recipe.

  •  Lavender, which I call the Leonardo da Vinci of essential oils because it's absolutely fantastic for everything. I use Lavender in this recipe because it balances the mood.
  • Bergamot, I call the little oil Stress because it's calming and uplifting at the same time. Perfect for this recipe.
  • Ylang Ylang (pronounced E-lang E-lang) I call the "Emotional Crutch" because it has three very physical effects that have a huge effect on our mood and emotion. It regulates the heart rate, regulates the breathing rate, and it regulates the amount of adrenaline in the body. Ylang Ylang is wonderful for shock, and it's also really good for long term stress.

To use the recipe

Add one drop of each essential oil to some water in the "well" of a burner. If you're using a diffuser, follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Cautions to the essential oils

Don't use Lavender for pregnant clients, Neroli is a really good alternative, or you could just leave the Lavender out.

Can you become addicted to Ylang Ylang?

I was once asked by a student if it was possible to become addicted to Ylang Ylang. She had started using Ylang Ylang several years before when she was going through a very stressful situation, and it made a massive difference to her. It made her feel calmer and much better able to cope, and she had been using it ever since, even though the situation was long gone. I told her there was absolutely no issue if she did become "addicted" to Ylang Ylang, it's a very gentle oil and 100% safe once you follow basic guidelines for using essential oils.

What if you're not an aromatherapist? 

Can you still use burners and diffusers with essential oils in your therapy room? Yes, you can. If you're not an aromatherapist, you can't use essential oils on the body of a painting client, but it's okay to use them in a burner or diffuser.

This is a little odd, because the physical and emotional effects of inhaling essential oils are huge. But I think that the people who make the rules don't actually understand this.

This is the situation in Ireland, but it may be different in other countries. So check with your insurance, check your state laws, etc.

What's in the Burner & Diffuser Recipes PDF?

The Burner & Diffuser Recipes PDF includes:-

  • A video tutorial plus text so you can listen or read.
  • How aroma affects the mood. (this is absolutely fascinating).
  • How to use essential oils in burners and diffusers what to do if you're not in aromatherapy.
  • The Cranky Day Blend
  • A deep relaxation blend, which is fantastic for severe in, your anxiety, and panic attacks.
  • A Christmas blend, lovely for the Christmas/Holiday season.
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