One Thing You Must Do To Be Fully Booked in Your Holistic Therapy Practice

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Are most of the clients in your holistic therapy practice re booking? Of course you will always need to attract new clients. But if you want to build a sustainable holistic therapy practice and look after your clients, re booking is really important.   Most of your clients, if they want to get real and [...]

How to Raise Your Rates and Increase Your Bookings

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How to raise Your Rates and Increase Your Bookings.  Discover an alternative to competing on price so you can attract all the clients you need to get your business buzzing.  So you've set up a massage practice. You rent a room, by the hour or the month. You know how much you need to earn [...]

GDPR Checklist for Holistic Therapists

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<![CDATA[ ​GDPR ​Checklist for Holistic Therapists. The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) comes into law on 25th May 2018. ​A lot of holistic therapists are very stressed and anxious about it, but probably don't need to be.The GDPR is about being open and clear about why you are requesting your clients information, what you will [...]

6 Easy and Free Ways to Build Your Holistic Business While You Train

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​6 Easy and Free Ways to Grow Your Holistic Business While You TrainMost people beginning their holistic business will train first and then go about setting up their business. But there are some great ways to build up your client list while you train so that by the time you​ get your diploma, you already have [...]

3 ways to Get Massage Clients

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<![CDATA[ 3 ways to Get Massage Clients Without Using Social Media ​In this blog you'll learn 3 ways to get massage clients withou​t using soci​al media. Social media is a fantastic tool to grow your massage or holistic business but you need other ways to market yourself. ​The 3 ways to get massage clients that [...]

Do You Find Marketing Your Massage Business Overwhelming?

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​This blog will give you some fab ideas for free or cheap marketing. ​I will also cover how to set up a realistic marketing plan that you can easily follow. Knowing how you can market your massage business and setting up a realistic plan to do it will make a huge difference in your business [...]

Mini Facial Rejuvenation Treatment Your Clients Will Love

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Easy Mini Facial Rejuvenation Treatment Your Clients Will Love​​​​​Step by step guide to giving a fabulous low cost treatment that will have your clients rebooking. How does Avocado Oil Help with Natural Anti-Ageing?Avocado oil is a beautiful, rich, penetrating, skin rejuvenating oil which is deeply moisturising and a fabulous anti oxidant.​ It can even help to [...]