Hand Sanitiser

Lesson 7

Hand Sanitiser


Aloe vera gel

Equal part of a liquid or combination of liquids e.g rosewater, witch hazel, glycerine.


Mix to form a product that is halfway between a gel and a liquid

Add essential oils of choice - 2 drops of essential to a teaspoon (5 ml of the sanitiser)

Lavender and Geranium are anti pathogenic and balance sebum

Eucalyptus is also anti pathogenic

Facial Mist

Make a more liquid version of the hand sanitiser

A beautiful blend to reduce hot flushes is Rose, Cypress and Grapefruit essential oils.

Don't use Lavender, Geranium, Rose or Cypress during pregnancy, don't use Grapefruit within 48 hours before going out in bright sunlight or using a sunbed. 

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