Aromatherapy Diploma

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About this course

Send me a video of your self giving a sinus treatment. If you don't have someone to work on who has sinusitis just go through the motions


A client has severe headaches from a sinus infection. 

Choose a blend of 3 or 4 essential oils and 1 or 2 carrier oils and explain in simple terms whyyou're using these oils.

  • Include a mix of top, middle and base notes as appropriate. 
  • Include at least one nurturing oil in the blend. 
  • Give the contraindications of each oil
  • Give 3 ways to treat sinusitis with essential oils

Contact me or post in the comments if you're stuck

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Course Structure


Welcome to the Course

You're very welcome to the online aromatherapy course.

Here's a quick outline of what to expect

Lesson 1 – How to use essential oils

How to use essential oils.


Setting up for massage and starting the back massage

How to make and send me your videos

Lesson 3-Top, Middle & Base Notes

There are 3 "notes" in essential oils.

We'll look combining notes to make beautiful blends of oils.

And there is an easy way to remember which oil is which note!


Lesson 2 - 5 Oils for women

Our next 5 essential oils

Lesson 3 - Tree Oils

We'll look at 6 powerful tree oils

Lesson 4: Citrus Oils

We'll look at the rest of the oils from citrus trees

Lesson 6 Sister Oils

Oils which are related but not the same

Lesson 8 How to Choose Oils

So many oils and so much information. It can be hard at first to choose oils for a blend.

So this lesson will cover a 3 step process that will make it all easier for you


Lesson 1

Introduction to carrier oils.

We'll learn some amazing properties for olive oil, castor oil, sweet almond oil and macademia oil

Lesson 2

In this lesson we'll look at Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Peach Kernel Oil, Rosehip Oil & Jojoba Oil. With the exception of Flaxseed Oil  are beautiful for the facials. 

You'll be surprised at some of the properties of Coconut and Flaxseed oils!

3 Lessons

Module 4 Recipes for Treating Common Ailments

We'll look at common ailments from headaches to PMT and just how powerful essential oils are in treatment and prevention.

Common Ailments Part 1

You'll learn how to treat arthritis, asthma, cellulite, lack of concentration, headaches  & more

Which oils are best, why they work so well and how to use them

Common Ailments Part 2

In this lesson we'll look at treating jet lag, insomnia, neruitis & more 

Common Ailments – Sinusitis

The sinus massage is a super short treatment that gives amazing results for sinusitis and hayfever

6 Lessons

Module 5 Massage

Full body aromatherapy massage

Lesson 1 Setting Up and taking the videos

How to set up your plinth (also called massage table or couch)

Plus how to take videos and send them to me

Lesson 2 Back Massage

How to set up your working area for a massage

The first few strokes of the back massage

Lesson 3 The Legs

In this lesson we'll do the back of the legs, turn the client, work the front of the legs.

Then repeat everything we have learned so far.

Practice, practice!

Lesson 4 – the Abdomen

Now the tummy.

It's important to use a light stroke here.

A lot of clients are very sensitive about their tummy, often feeling it's ugly and too big.

The tummy is our emotional centre, our fear, excitment and joy is often felt in this area. 

Using the energy techniques make a huge difference

Neck & Shoulder Massaage

Fantastic for neck and shoulder tension, this can be used as pasrt of a full body, a back massage or a facial


Lesson 1 Facial Massage

A beautiful facial massage that can be combined with essential oil blends to help with many skin conditions and types

2 Lessons

Case Studies and Documents

How to cmplete your consultation form and case study records

Lesson 1 Aromatherapy Consultation

When choosing essential oils for a treatment we need to look at the physical & emotional condition and the skin.

It's very important to choose a blend of oils that the client likes, this lesson will walk you through the process

Lesson 2 Forms & Tutorials

How to comolete the consultation form and case study documents

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