Easy & Effective Aromatherapy Recipes for Skin, Mood & Health

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On this course, you will learn

How to use essential oils

How to create fabulous blends for pain, boost your immune system, and to nourish your skin.

The products are super easy to make and the ingredients are easy to get and reasonably priced. 

What’s not to like??

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Module 1 How to Use Essential Oils

How to make essential oil blends

When it's better not to use particular essential oils

3 big No No's for essential oils

Lesson 1 How to use essential oils

We'll cover how to use essential oils in the bath, on your skin, in room methods and more.

Also when it's better not to use particular essential oils

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Lesson 2 Skin rejuvenation blend

A beautiful blend to help reduce fine lines & wrinkles and give your skin a youthful glow.

Your clients will also love the aroma and the results.

A fab way to look good and increase your income

Lesson 3 Smooth & Clear Anti Acne

You'll make this beautiful blend in less than 5 minutes.

But you'll probably spend a bit longer engrossed in the lesson! Acne is complex with several underlying causes.

The beauty of essential oils is that they deal with all the causes as well as the symptoms to get lasting results.

Another fab treatment to offer your clients, get them results and increase your income. 

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Module 3 Essential Oil Blends for the Mood.

I'll share my favourite Cranky Day Blend - fantastic when your tired, wound irritable and just palin cranky!

Also a wonderful blend that made a massive difference to a client with panic attacks. A week after starting to use this blend she was "looking like herself". And her doctor had reduced her meds because she was doing so well!

Lesson 4 Cranky Day Blend

Make this beautiful blend in less than 5 minutes.

Soak in it, wear it, vapourise it. Lift your mood and zap your crankiness!

Lesson 5 No Panic

Panic attacks can be terrifying, nauseating and disempowering. 

One of the worst things is never knowing where or when they will strike. 

I have got some amazing results with this little gem of a blend. Even having the blend in your possession is empowering

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Module 4 Pain and Infection Zapper

This is a blend that I LOVE for tummy bugs, flus and any kind of infection.

It strengthens the immune system and packs in anti bacterial and anti viral agents.

Not only that, it will deal with infection, nausea, inflamation, mucus and other causes and symptoms of all too common bugs.

Lesson 6 Super Easy Bug Zapper

The 2 oils in this blend are super effective for preventing and treating infections- tummy bugs, flus & more

This lesson includes a step by step guide to creating and using the blend

Lesson 7 Aromatherapy Secret Weapon

If you're using the Pain & Infection Zapper and it's just not working, you're missing the Secret Weapon.

Hint: it's to do with chemicals but it's not complex, I promise!

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Module 5 What's Next

Aromatherapy is so fascinating, powerful yet easy to use. 

What you've learned on this course is just the tip of the iceberg. 

If you want to know more and even become a certified aromaterapist, that a peek at my Aromatherapy Professional Wellness Certified Course. 

Professional Aromatherapy Wellness Course

Have a look at the professional course

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