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Lotions and Potions

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Welcome to Lotions & Potions

You are so welcome to the course! 

Here's the fabulous products you'll learn how to make

Ingredients & Equipment

The ingredients we use for the products are natural, reasonably priced and easy to get.

We need very little equiptment, and all of it is also reasonably priced



You'll earn how to make a beautiful natural moisturiser with just aloe vera gel and a vegeyable oil.

Also a heavier richer moisturiser that includes beeswax

Sugar Scrubs

Sugar scrubs are wideldy used in expensive spas and beauty salons. They are fantastic for the skin and very expensive to buy.

In this lesson you'll learn how to make a sugar scrub that is more natural than the expensive brands used in spas. One that you can make in just a few minutes with 2 ingredients.

And I'll demonstrate how to use sugar scrub as a beautiful enhancement for your treatments.

There are some lovely essential oil recipes to use in the sugar scrub or you can come up with your own creations.


Body balm, foot balms, pain balm, lip balm.

Wonderful for self care, as gifts or treatment upgrades.

There's a vidoe tutorial of the basic method with recipes for individual products. 

Hand Sanitiser

No more alcohol based sanitiser that is harshon your hands and smells awful.

This sanitiser is moisturising and nourishing. And you can make it is less than 5 minutes!

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