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A 20 roadmap to:-

Raise Your Prices & Increase your Bookings with mini treatments 

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Welcome to the course. Time to make a living from your therapies

You love what you do but you're tired of undercharging, of competing on price and plain not earning what you're worth.

This is your 20 Day Roadmap to guide you through this short course and give your holistic business a boost. 

Welcome to the course

Welcome to the course, here's what we'll cover

Registered students only

Quick Guide to the Mini Treatments

All about the mini treatments.

Their beneifits.

What you'll need.

How long they can take

Body Brushing

A video tutorial of body brushing to walk you through the treatment. 

If possible practice the body brushing before moving on to the next lesson


Tension Tamer Massage

A video tutorial to walk you through the tension tamer massage,

I have included basic and advanced techniques so you'll find it useful whether or not you're a massage therapist.

Mini Facial

Video tutorial to walk you through the quick but so effective and relaxing mini facial.

Sinusitis Massage

This super short treatment gives ama;zing relief for sinusitis, hay fever and congestion in general,

Using the oils from the Tension Tamer massage (a mix of 1/4 casteor oil, 1/4 extra-virgin olive oil and 1/2 sweet almond oil) will make it even more effective. 

If you don't have all of these oils try 1/2 sweet almond oil and either 1/2 extra-virgin olive oil or 1/2 castor oil.

Registered students only

To Charge or Not to Charge

Now that you've learned the benefits and the techniques of the mini treatments, how much do you charge?

Registered students only
3 Lessons

Module 3: Market Like a Pro

We'll cover how to market to existing clients, how to market to people you know and how to use Facebook to market your treatments. 

Market to your existing clients

Encouraging rebooking and referrals is the most important part of building a holistic business. 

Short video lesson on how to share your mini treatments without feeling pushy or salsey.

Market in your local area

Telling people you know and who live in your own area is a great way to attract new clients

Market on Facebook

Despite the doom and gloom about Facebook not working any more, there are plenty of therapists are getting lots of bookings from it. 

In the video tutorial, I'll share some fab ideas and I'll explain all the tekkie stuff.

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