Social Media Savvy

For Holistic Therapists

Alison Byrne

Therapist/ Tutor at Alison Byrne Healing

That was all very helpful Jenny. You are so clear, and the step by step approach makes it all possible

Lets Get More Bookings on Facebook & Instagram

No more going brain dead on social media and getting little or no result

You'll have 30 + days of posts that make it super easy for clients to book now.

Here's What You'll Learn

Getting Ready

We'll start by creating a bank of pictures and videos that showcase your lovely treatments. 

We'll use your photos to create click worthy graphics using a free graphic design tool. 

Stop 'em Scrolling!

You don't want mindless scrolling, you want clients to either book a treatment, contact you or sign up for your mailing list. 

I'll walk you through how to set up a (free) booking system and a (free) newsletter

90+ Post Ideas

No more wondering what to post. Plan your posts in advance from over 90 ideas that will show your clients why they should book a treatment and why to book with you.  

Save a ton of time

After planning what to post, you can schedule your posts on Facebook (for free) I'll also show you how to make your posts "Insta Ready"

Once you've completed the lessons, you'll create a month's compelling posts in just 1 to 2  hours.

You'll have Lifetime Access to the lessons and to Future Updates  so you can start and work through the course in your own time

Sign Up For Easy Social Media

for Holistic Therapists.

You became a holistic therapist so you could do what you love, give treatments that help lots of people.

But the marketing can be so time consuming, with no guarantee of actually attracting more clients. 

In Social Media Savvy you'll learn how to create posts for Facebook and Instagram that

really showcase your treatments and

make it super easy for clients to book with you.  

How to create a month's worth of posts in just an hour or two! 

Just €53

For A Limited Time

Usual price €150

I would highly recommend Jenny. I completed my Reflexology and Anatomy and Physiology course in 2015. At the end of the course Jenny gives some time on setting up your own business. I took all this information on board and now have a very successful Reflexology business. What I love most about Jenny is that she is always on hand to give advice, tips etc on moving your business forward.
thanks Jenny x

Deirdre Keely

Reflexologist Dublin

I'm currently doing the online Indian head massage and 5 oil facial. The on line layout is fantastic, great videos and notes all very well put together. Jenny has been absolutely amazing during the whole process no matter what I've had to email her about. I can't recommend high enough.

Maggie Neary Kerr

Holistic Therapist Dublin

Hi I'm Jenny

I've been a holistic therapist and tutor for over 20 years.

I'm guessing you're a holistic therapist, you love giving treatments and seeing how your clients benefit. 

If you're like most of my students, you find marketing challenging. It's hard to know how to attract new clients. And you hate to feel  pushy and salsey. 

In this short course you'll learn how to create engaging posts for Facebook and Instagram so clients really see the benefit of booking with you. You'll also set up a free online booking system to get appointments while you sleep, look after the kids or relax with friends. 

This course is for you if 

  • You're a holistic therapist and you want to fill your appointment book
  • You're prepared to spend a few hours learning and implementing what I teach
  • Taking an hour or two to get a month's social media posts up sounds good to you!
  • Getting bookings on auto pilot also sounds good to you!

This course is NOT for you if 

  • You already have all the appointments you can manage
  • You really don't want to learn about Facebook and Instagram
  • There's absolutely no way you can set aside 12 hours in a week or a month to learn what you need to know and do the work

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm completely new to social media, can I do the course

Why is the course so cheap?

How long will it take me to complete the course? 

How is this course different from other social media courses out there?

I've seen so many holistic therapists spend a lot of time on social media, posting randomly and getting few, if any bookings. 

They tell me they don't know what to post.

They tell me the tekkie bits frustrate them.

They tell me they don't have the time to post regularly.

They tell me social media just doesn't work for them.

If that's you, too, I hear ya!

So I put together my favourite engaging (and fun) posts, demystified (and de-frustrated!!) the tekkie bits and created a doable plan for holistic therapists to spend just one to two hours a month posting on social media to get bookings on auto pilot.

So, if you're ready to increase your bookings from social media why not sign up for the course while it's still available at this crazy low price of €16.99??

Hope to "see" you inside

Jenny xx