Cranky Day Blend 

Super effective essential oil recipe for stress

For those days when you're tired, stressed and just plain cranky.

Essential Oil recipe for stress

My Cranky Day Blend smells absolutely amazing. And whether you use it in a bath, an aromatherapy inhaler or a massage you (or your clients) will immediately feel more upbeat, and relaxed. It's perfect for those days when you feel tired, overwhelmed and just plain cranky!

In this post you'll learn

  • 3 beautiful essential oils that quickly reduce stress and anxiety,
  • An aromatherapy bath and massage oil recipe,
  • An aromatherapy inhaler recipe,
  • How to store the products.

What essential oils are in the Cranky Day Blend?

Lavender essential oil (I call this the “Leonardo da Vinci” of essential oils because it's just freaking amazing at practically everything)

On an emotional level, Lavender balances the mood and emotions.

Bergamot essential oil (I called this the “Little Oil of Stress” because it's uplifting and calming at the same time)

Ylang Ylang essential oil (I call this the “Emotional Crutch” because it's fabulous for stress and anxiety particularly long-term stress and anxiety)

Ylang Ylang has three amazing powers. It balances adrenaline in the body, it controls heart rate, and it controls breathing rate. So Ylang Ylang acts on emotions in a very physical way.

How to use the essential oil recipe for stress

My favourite way to use these oils is in a bath, massage or an inhaler.

Aromatherapy bath and massage oil recipe.

1 drop of Lavender essential oil,

1 drop of Bergamot essential oil,

1 drop of Ylang Ylang essential oil.

A teaspoon and a half (7.5 ml) of milk or vegetable oil such as Grapeseed or Olive Oil. 

Mix the ingredients either add to the bath and relax, use in a wonderfully relaxing massage or use as a beautiful, nourishing body oil.

Cautions:- Don't use Lavender for pregnant women

Don't use Bergamot on skin that will be exposed to bright sunlight or a sunbed within 48 hours. 

If you're thinking that the mention of milk must be a misprint, it's not. Essential oils need to be mixed in a fat based substance before being used on the skin, they don't dissolve in water.

Milk is a very handy base for essential oils in a bath because, unlike vegetable oil, it doesn't cling to the sides of the bath and need extra scrubbing to remove it. When I  first heard the idea of using milk in a bath I thought the friend who told me was bonkers. I had visions of myself sitting in a bath full of milk like Cleopatra!  But the milk completely dissolves in the bath and there's no smell from it.

So choose milk if you don't want to scrub the bath afterwards, or a vegetable oil if you want to make up enough of the blend for several baths. 

How to store your aromatherapy bath oil.

If you make the bath oil with vegetable oil as the base, you can store it for up to 3 months. To prolong the shelf life:-

  • Store any unused oil in a dark glass or ceramic bottle.
  • Keep it away from light and heat in a press or drawer.
  • Keep the lid tightly closed.

Using an Aromatherapy inhaler

Aromatherapy inhalers are super powerful for stress and anxiety because the olfactory nerves at the top of the nose are directly connected to the limbic area of the brain which controls mood, emotion and memory.

They're super handy, you can carry them in your bag or pocket when you're out and about.

Aromatherapy inhalers often look like Vick's inhalers, although you can also get beautiful wooden or aluminium inhalers which you can reuse.

Inside the inhaler is a cotton pad. You put the undiluted essential oils on the cotton pad, put the pad in the inhaler and close the lid.

Aromatherapy inhaler recipe.

4 drops of Lavender essential oil,

3 drops of Bergamot essential oil,

3 drops of Ylang Ylang essential oil.

Add the essential oils to the cotton pad of the inhaler, place it inside the inhaler and close the lid. Open the inhaler and waft it under your nose, inhaling slowly and deeply, whenever you feel stressed or anxious.

Despite the Vick's like shape, aromatherapy inhalers are not meant to be inserted into the nostrils. 

Cautions:- Don't use Lavender for pregnant women

Don't use Bergamot on skin that will be exposed to bright sunlight or a sunbed within 48 hours. 

How to store an aromatherapy inhaler.

Aromatherapy inhalers, like the bath and massage oil, will last for at least 3 months if they're stored in a cool dark place away from light and heat. 

If you'd like to know more about aromatherapy inhalers, including some great recipes for sinusitis and headaches, check out my podcast episode, 3 reasons aromatherapy inhalers are a must have in your aromatherapy kit

I'm Jenny 

After using essential oils for over 20 years and teaching for almost as long, I'm still excited at just how powerful they are. 

Essential oils are so effective and so easy to use, and I'd love everyone to benefit from them, whether they are aromatherapists, holistic therapists or essential enthusiasts who want to use them for themselves, their families and their friends.

I have trained several hundred successful aromatherapists, created CPD courses which I've taught in person and online, and I'm the author of a book called " A step by step guide to using aromatherapy and essential oils for common ailments" 

If you'd like to learn more about aromatherapy and essential oils, here's some resources I offer:-

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My book " A step by step guide to using aromatherapy and essential oils for common ailments"

My free Facebook membership, Aromatherapy and Holistic Business Success. It's a great place for aromatherapy recipes & tips, also for networking, support and practical ways to build your holistic business. 

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