Essential Oil Recipe for Pain and Infection

Essential Oils for Pain and Infection

Essential oils are fantastic for pain and infection. 

In this post I'll walk you through how to create a powerful painkilling and anti infectious blend of 2 essential oils and 3 natural vegetable oils.  

Plus how you can use the blend to upgrade your treatments and raise your rates, even if you're not an aromatherapist. 

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I call this blend the Pain and Infection Zapper. 

You can use the recipe for yourself, your family and your friends.

If you're an aromatherapist you'll be able to use the blend to help your clients. And, if you're a holistic therapist but not an aromatherapist, there are ways to use the blend to enhance your treatments without using it directly on the skin. 

The Essential Oils 

First up, Eucalyptus. If you're familiar with essential oils at all, you probably know Eucalyptus is great for all kinds of respiratory conditions. But Eucalyptus has other great properties too.

Did you know Eucalyptus is:- 

Essential Oil Recipe for Pain and Infection
  • Amazing pain killer
  • Natural anti biotic
  • Anti inflamatory
  • Anti viral
  • Immune system booster
  • Decongestant

Eucalyptus is wonderful for infections like tummy bugs as well as colds and flus. And for pain, including muscle pain, headaches, toothaches and lots more.

Lavender is the other essential oil in the recipe. I think of Lavender as the "Leonardo da Vinci" of essential oils because it's absolutely freaking amazing at treating and preventing so many common ailments.

Lavender is:- 

Essential Oil Recipe for Pain and Infection
  • Painkilling
  • Anti bacterial
  • Anti viral
  • Immune system booster
  • Enhances the properties of other essential oils.   (All essential oils enhance each other, but Lavender is particularly good for this)

Lavender has a LOT more properties, but these are the ones that make it so good for pain and infection

Natural Vegetable Oils

It's not just the essential oils that make this blend so powerful, we also use 3 amazing natural vegetable oils. All of them are easy to get and inexpensive. 

These are extra virgin Olive Oil (yes, the one you cook with!) Castor Oil and Sweet Almond Oil. Even without using essential oils, these vegetable oils are great for pain, inflammation and infection. 

Essential Oil Recipe for Pain and Infection

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is painkilling and anti inflammatory. 

Why extra virgin?

  • Extra virgin olive oil comes from the first pressing of the olives, it is not produced at a high temperature and so its therapeutic properties are not damaged.
  • Virgin Olive Oil comes from the second pressing of the olives. It does have some therapeutic properties but it's not as effective as the extra virgin variety.
  • So called "pure" Olive Oil is produced at high temperatures (above 70 degrees) and has few, if any, therapeutic properties. So not great at all for pain and inflammation.

Castor Oil is another amazing painkiller and anti inflammatory oil. It's also antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic and anti fungal. Even on it's own it's great for pain like sciatica and infectious conditions like athletes' foot and warts. 

Sweet Almond Oil is pain killing and anti inflammatory. It's a light oil so great to use with Olive Oil and Castor Oil which are thicker and harder to spread. 

Cautions to Using Essential Oils

Essential oils are natural and safe BUT they do need to be used with care, incorrect use can be unpleasant and even dangerous. And there's a LOT of misinformation and downright dangerous advice about essential oils on social media and the internet.

The good news is there are very few cautions and they are easy to remember.

  • Don't take essential oils by mouth either diluted or undiluted. 
  • Don't let essential oils get in the eyes.
  • Don't use Lavender during pregnancy.
  • Don't use sweet almond oil for anyone who has a nut allergy.
  • Do a patch test for sensitive skin. Put a little on the crook of the elbow or the wrist. If there are no side effects, the blend is safe to use

Your Shopping List

Essential Oil Recipe for Pain and Infection

To Make the Blend

1. Measure 2.5 ml (half a teaspoon) of extra virgin Olive Oil, 2.5 ml (half a teaspoon) of Castor Oil and 5 ml (1 teaspoon) of Sweet Almond Oil into the small jug. 

These proportions (i.e. 2 drops of essential oil to a teaspoon of vegetable oil) are suitable for anyone over 12 years old who doesn't have sensitive skin, and isn't frail, elderly or convalescent. 

For anyone who is under 12 years old and over one year old, has sensitive skin, or is frail, elderly or convalescent, you would use just one drop of essential oil to a teaspoon (5 ml) of natural vegetable oil.

2. Pour the vegetable oils into the dark glass  bottle.

3. Add 2 drops of Eucalyptus essential oil and 2 drops of Lavender essential oil to the bottle (or one drop of each oil if the blend is for someone between one year and 12 years old, who has sensitive skin or is elderly, frail or convalescent)

4. Lable the bottle (list the oils plus the cautions) 

5. Store the bottle away from light and heat (in a press or drawer is perfect) with the lid closed and it will keep for at  least 2 months. 

6. Apply as required to any painful or infected area (temples, neck and shoulders for migraine, on the chest and under the nose and on the cheekbones for a cold or sinusitis, on the outside of the cheek for a toothache)

I've used this blend countless times and got amazing results. Keep reading to see how it helped a student  with a toothache and a colleague with a tummy bug. However, although the results are typical and very common, they're not guaranteed as everyone's constitution is different.

The Tummy Bug That Never Happened

Years ago I worked in a day spa.  One day I noticed that another therapist was looking quite pale and ill.

She told me she was feeling quite nauseous and was worried she may have caught a nasty tummy bug which was doing the rounds.

I made the blend for her, told her to rub it on her tummy and suggested that she went home. I was very surprised to meet her later, still at work. She told me that half an hour after using the oil she felt fine. 

Where Did The Toothache Go?

I was teaching an in person aromatherapy course a few years ago.

During a class one of the students, was very quiet and not herself. She told me she had an abscess on her tooth and was on anti biotics. The dentist couldn't remove the tooth until the abscess had gone. She had given up on the painkillers because she had been "eating them like smarties" and they had no effect. 

I wasn't sure if the blend would help much, as the pain was severe. But there was no harm in trying so I made it up and told her to rub it on the outside of her cheek. Within half an hour the pain had completely disappeared, much to the student's relief and my delight! 

Myself and my students have used the blend for toothache lots of times and each time the pain eased really quickly. 

Spoiler alert - this is a temporary solution, a visit to a dentist will be required!

What Else Is The Blend Good For?

I have also used this blend and it really helped muscle pain, sinusitis, colds & flus to name just a few. 

How To Use the Blend To Upgrade Your Treatments And Raise Your Rates 

(even if you're not an aromatherapist) 

(If you want to use essential oils on the skin as part of a treatment, and you're not an aromatherapist check your insurance company and/or your state laws)

Tension Tamer Massage

Use the blend in a back massage, if you warm the vegetable oils slightly by placing the bottle in a cup of warm water before adding the essential oils, it enhances the painkilling and anti-inflammatory properties, plus it feels wonderful! I leave the bottle in the cup of warm water throughout the treatment, so the oil stays warm. Check the oil is not too hot before you use it. 

If you have a massage qualification, but you're not an aromatherapist, you can use the warmed vegetable oils without the essential oils, and you'll notice your clients getting better results that last longer than if you use the more usual grapeseed or sunflower oil. 

Don't be afraid to charge a little extra for this treatment as the oils are probably more expensive than the oils you normally use for massage. Also, your clients will benefit a lot from the painkilling and anti-inflammatory properties of the blend.

Sinusitis Treatment

This blend is amazing for sinusitis or hay fever and your clients can benefit whether or not you're an aromatherapist. 

If you are an aromatherapist, make the blend as I outlined earlier. Then apply a little to your fingers and do a face massage making sure to work the oil firmly into the cheekbones, checking that the pressure is to the client's liking. A lot of people who suffer from sinusitis or hay fever really appreciate the firm pressure, and it's really helpful for congestion. 

And if you're not an aromatherapist, here's a great way to use the essential oils and vegetable oils:-

  1. Put one drop of Lavender and 1 drop of Eucalyptus in a bowl of hot water, and place it directly under the face hole just before you begin the treatment. (If you use a low plinth make sure that the bowl is not so close to the client's face that the steam or the aroma is overpowering)
  2. Begin the treatment with a massage of the upper back and neck, with the client lying face down and using the warmed vegetable oils.
  3. Encourage the client to take some long deep breaths to get the full benefit of the essential oils.
  4. When the client is lying face up finish the treatment with a face massage, again using the vegetable oils for their painkilling and anti-inflammatory properties.

Raising Your Rates

If you're like most of my students, you might break out in a sweat at the thought of actually raising your rates.

What if your clients think you're greedy?

What if you lose clients?

OK, time for a pep talk.

When you use the oils, even just the vegetable oils, in your treatments, you're giving extra value to your clients. A lot of extra value. Plus, you're buying oils that are more expensive than oils like grapeseed that are usually used for massage. So don't be afraid to charge a bit extra. Here's a few tips to help

  • Clearly describe the benefits of the upgraded treatment - of the oils help ease deep tension, clear infection, reduce painful and exhausting congestion etc. 
  • Describe how the treatment will feel, the warm oils are so soothing and relaxing.
  • Add the treatment to your menu, maybe as an optional upgrade to a massage for an extra €7 to €10.
  • Shout about it. Send texts and emails to your clients, go live on Facebook talking about how amazing the blend is and your client success stories, share in Buy & Sell groups etc.
  • Remember by making the treatment available, you're not forcing your clients to book it, you're telling them how it will help and giving them an option.

I'd really love to know if you found this post helpful, what were your main takeaways and what posts you'd like to see from me in the future, so please leave a comment below!

Thank you,

Jenny xx

Sinusitis Cash Injection for Therapists

Learn a very effective 5-minute treatment and a powerful aromatherapy recipe to ease sinusitis and hay fever.  As well as helping your clients, it will make a massive difference to your business.

  • Increase your rates by €5 or €10 by offering a sinusitis/hay fever treatment as a valuable upgrade, 
  • Double your bookings by offering the sinusitis treatment as part of a unique referral/reward scheme,
  • Create an extra income stream by selling the aromatherapy blend to your clients to enhance and prolong the benefits of the treatment.  

I'm Jenny 

After using essential oils for over 20 years and teaching for almost as long, I'm still excited at just how powerful they are. 

Essential oils are so effective and so easy to use, and I'd love everyone to benefit from them, whether they are aromatherapists, holistic therapists or essential enthusiasts who want to use them for themselves, their families and their friends.

I have trained several hundred successful aromatherapists, created CPD courses which I've taught in person and online, and I'm the author of a book called "A step by step guide to using aromatherapy and essential oils for common ailments.

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