Fertility and Maternity Reflexology Course

For qualified reflexologists

Fertility and Maternity Reflexology Course

If you're a qualified reflexologist, you could be offering maternity and fertility treatments in one week (or less)

These treatments make a huge difference to your clients, and massively increase your bookings and your income.

Supporting Clients During Pregnancy 

You'll be able to offer your pregnant clients relief from many common ailments, pregnancy related and general. Reflexology has a wonderful track record for morning sickness, backache, respiratory conditions and much more. 

Easing and Speeding Labour

There are some simple but powerful routines that make a massive difference during labour. You'll learn how to share these with your clients and their partners/family members/friends who may be present at the birth. 

Helping with Fertility Issues

Although reflexologists can't guarantee that they can help with fertility issues, there are lots of success stories from clients and therapists, including my own and those of my students. 

You'll learn an endocrine balancing routine and how to use powerful acupressure points. 

Relief during the post-partum period

You'll learn how to help your clients with post-partum issues including baby blues, depression, aches & pains, fatigue and more.  

PMT & Menopause

As a lot of the focus in the course is on balancing hormones, the routines are also fantastic for PMT and menopause symptoms. 

Happy Students

"My client has had a really positive outcome after her 6 treatments, she hadn't had a regular period in years, and it had been months since she'd had one before starting this course of reflexology.  

So after our 1st treatment she got a period and after the 5th treatment she got another. 

She was thrilled at this result as it enabled her to start the pill before Christmas and just this weekend gone she has started hormone injections. 

She's intending to continue coming to me while she's doing the IVF and throughout the pregnancy"

"did a 90-min treatment on a lady last week.

She was suffering badly from menopause symptoms, so I focused on her reproductive system during the treatment, did hormone balancing and acupoints too. 

She was really impressed, and she's booked in with me this week for a one-hour foot reflexology session "

Fertility and Maternity Reflexology Course

Flexible Payment Options

Single payment of €97 or 3 payments of €37

(Approx £83/USD $105/AUD $161)

  • Instant access to all the course modules
  • Certificate awarded on completion of written and assignments and questions. 
  • Lifetime access to the course and to any updates.

"This has been so informative. Thank you so much! I feel I have so much information in my head that I need to go through and digest properly. I just love it!!! I adore reflexology, but the way you include the acupressure to this has been AMAZING. So really thank you so much for this course. It's great. I know I have a lot more to do

Linda O'Boyle

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to get insurance when I finish the course?

Do I need to be a reflexologist to do the Fertility and Maternity Reflexology course?

Will I be Able To Learn Everything I Need if I Speak English As A Second Language, If I Have Dyslexia Or Other Learning Difficulty or If I Haven't Studied For Years?

Is the course recognised internationally?

How long will it take to complete the course?

Hi I'm Jenny

I help holistic therapists to train, upskill and earn 2K + months, working part-time.

I have been practising and teaching reflexology since 2010 and my students and I have found it amazingly effective for pregnancy, fertility issues, PMT and menopausal symptoms. 

You can comfortably complete the course in less than a week and help your clients get life changing results. 

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Peace of Mind Promise

Take the Fertility and Maternity Reflexology Course for a no obligation test drive! If within 7 days of enrolment, you decide it's not for you, I'll refund your money, no questions asked.

Jenny xx