February 8, 2018

Get Massage clients

3 ways to Get Massage Clients Without

Using Social Media

In this blog you'll learn 3 ways to get massage clients without using social media.

Social media is a fantastic tool to grow your massage or holistic business but you need other ways to market yourself.

The 3 ways to get massage clients that I'll go through are:-

  • Using flyers business cards
  • Using Vouchers
  • Using little add-on treatments or Mini Enhancements

Using Flyers, Business Cards & Posters to Get

Massage Clients

I'm sure you have flyers, business cards, posters or other literature. I'm going to share two really good tips with you and I'm fairly sure there's at least one you haven't thought of.

Make It Clear How The Client Will Benefit

A very common mistake that most holistic therapists make (and I did this myself) is not putting the benefits of your treatments on your business cards and other literature.

Say you have a very stressed person coming home from work. She's had a really bad day, her shoulders are tight and she has a headache which is getting worse by the minute. She stops at a shop to get some bits and pieces for dinner and at the register there's a some business cards.  The cards say "Massage Aromatherapy, Reflexology" with the therapists name and contact details. 

That card is not going to make the client think "Oh, I must get that, where's the number?" unless they are already aware of the benefits of massage and have been thinking about booking a treatment. 

But what if the front of the card read:-

"Tired? Sore? Stressed?

Relax and Recharge with Massage, Aromatherapy or Reflexology. 

How likely would that potential client be to pick up the card and call the therapist? I'd say VERY likely

I would suggest putting the benefits on the front of your card with your contact details on the back.  That way there isn't too much information and the client can see straight away how the treatment would help her. 

Make a Schedule and Put Your Literature Out Frequently.

The next mistake most therapists make with business cards and other literature is not having a proper plan and schedule to put them in shops and businesses in the area.

When I started trying to market my business I put a few business cards in the local shop. Once. When I got no calls I decided that didn't work so no point in doing it again. 

What you need to do is decide on the areas you want to put your business cards and flyers in. These should be close to where you give your treatments so you will attract local people. Then make a schedule and put your literature in all these areas every 6 weeks to 2 months. The more people see your literature the more you build the "Know, Like and Trust" Factor and the more likely you are to get bookings.   

How to Use Vouchers to get Massage Clients.

Next I would like to share 2 ways you can use vouchers to get more bookings.  One way will attract new clients, the other will encourage existing clients to rebook and/or get you more referrals. 

Using Vouchers to Attract New Clients.

When you're dropping our your business cards and flyers why not bring along some mini vouchers? Maybe for 10 or 20 euro off, or perhaps a voucher for a mini enhancement which can be used with the next treatment.  Ask the shop assistants would they like a mini voucher for themselves or maybe a few to give to friends? This will make them much more likely to book in and to pass your details on to friends. I would suggest having an expiry date on the voucher. If it goes on the long finger it's more likely that the voucher will be forgotten about. 

Using Vouchers to Encourage Rebookings or Get Referrals.

If you send a newsletter to your clients (and you really should) you can include vouchers in the newsletter. 

You can create the voucher using a site called Canva. Canva is a free graphic design site that lets you create all sorts of graphics for free. 

In your newsletter you could suggest that they might like to get a voucher, the perfect gift, and all they need to do to purchase it is to click a link. Of course they would need to pay by Paypal or some other method then call or text you for a validation code. This way there's no danger of people downloading vouchers without paying. 

How to Use Mini Enhancements to Get Massage Clients.

Mini enhancements can be a great way to get massage clients. Mini enhancements are short add on treatments that are included with a massage, aromatherapy or other holistic treatment. 

A lot of holistic therapists include extras like reiki, Indian Head Massage at the end of or during another treatment. But they usually don't say very much about it.

But if you shout about your mini enhancements and let your clients know the benefit they'll get from them it will not only encourage more people to book with you but it will help you to stand out from other therapists and even help you to raise your prices. 

I have written an eBook about mini enhancements called:- 

Boost Your Holistic Business & Double Your Walk Ins With Mini Enhancements"

The eBook has step by step guides to four fabulous low cost mini enhancements that don't take a lot of time but which give the client fantastic extra value. There's also lots of marketing tips and ideas.

I hope you enjoy it and that it really helps your holistic business,

Get Massage Clients

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