In this post you'll learn 10 tips for using Google My Business, an 100% free way to get to the top page of Google without spending a cent and without having a website.

Google My Business is the section with a map and a list of businesses that comes up on Google when you do a search. I have had a lot of new clients from Google My Business. This is a totally free way to get very visible on Google, and one of the easiest ways to get on Page 1 of Google. And, unlike social media, you don't need to constantly post to stay front of mind, your information stays there. (Although you can post, more on that later) So if you're not on it, consider pushing it to the top of your to do list.

Like anything else, you can optimise Google My Business to get better results.

Here's some tips to help:-

1. Claim your Business Profile

2. Fully complete every section of your account

3. Make sure your contact information is exactly the same on your Google My Business account, your website (if you have one) and any directories you're in. So, for instance, don't use your business name on some and your own name on others. 

4.You don't have to have a website, but it’s a really good idea to register on at least 2 good quality (preferably free) directories e.g. Yelp and What’s What

5. Add your treatments, products and classes (a bit obvious lol!)

6. Select primary and secondary categories e.g Health & Wellness and Massage.

7. Google will generate a description (which is usually pretty good) but also write your own “from the business” description. Include keywords that your clients will look for e.g "Massage in Raheny" 

8. Add some good photos of you, your treatments, products, therapy room etc. Add more when you can. 

9. There's a section to ask and answer questions and you as the business can both ask and answer, it doesn't have to be done by members of the public.

10. Reviews are SUPER important! They get you more visible as well as impressing potential clients. People will often leave reviews if asked so don't be shy to text, email or ask your clients in person. What's the worst that could happen? If you're just starting ask your case studies and other people you've given treatments to.

11. Post about your offers, new treatments, upcoming courses etc just as you do on social media. Once a week is ideal.

I hope you found this really helpful. If you're very short of time, don't be overwhelmed, if you set aside a hour or two a week you can work through this list and start seeing results quickly. 

Jenny xx

Bite sized steps & lots of support for busy therapists who want to increase their bookings and their income.

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You want lots of bookings and you want to make a good and reliable income from your therapies. 

But you're busy and you're not sure where to start. Not to mention that social media and tekkie stuff just leaves you frustrated and bewildered. 

You need someone to show you what to do, bearing in mind that you don't have lots of time to spare. 

Here's where ;the Holistic Business Builders come in.
  • We have a short live class (about 30 minutes) every month.
  • There is a to do list with the class for you to work through in your own time. 
  • Short recorded classes added as needed as needed.
  • A super helpful Facebook group to ask questions and get support.
  • A Live Q & A once a month.
  • Access to replays of all live classes. 

Topics include: 

Increasing bookings with mini treatments (tutorials included)

Social media in an hour a week

Re-booking strategies including exciting reward schemes.

Creating extra income streams with your therapies.

Promoting your business without social media.

And more.....

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