Do You ​Want To Help Lots of People and Enjoy ​a substantial income? 

​​​The Easy Way to Create an Abundant Holistic Business.
 ​​Without stress and for minimal cost.

​ On the Holistic Business Course​ you will learn simple and proven ​ways to spread the word about your treatments.


  • ​Spending a fortune.
  • ​Spending hours every day​ posting on soc​ial media.
  • ​Getting totally stressed out.
  • ​Feeling frustrated by the tekkie bits. 
  • There are step by step guides, in video and pdf, ​about social media, websites​ and all the tekkie bits. 
  • There are lots of super simple and effective tips and tweaks that will make a huge difference to your holistic business.  ​
  • Video ​tutorials on 4 mini treatments so you can give fantastic extra value and ​attract more clients. 
Holistic Business Course
  • Lots of ways to save time and money ​as you grow your fabulous business.
  • ​How to make a simple but really effective marketing plan that keeps you focused, productive and avoids stress.   

The Holistic Business Course​ is for you if...

Holistic Business Course

You want to grow your holistic business so you c​an spend your  time doing work that is deeply meaningful to you and that makes a real difference in your clients' lives.

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    You really want to have an abundant business but you have no clue of how to use Facebook, set up a website or ​any of that tekkie stuff.
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    You already have a holistic business which you love but you need more regular clients so you can cut your hours in the day job.
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    You have no idea how to explain what you do, in a way that is not pushy, and that makes people want to book in with you.  
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    You really need to know how to make yourself stand out from the crowd, so you don't need to compete on price and you get lots of new and repeat clients.
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    You've tried to get your holistic business going before, worked really hard, then got disheartened at the poor results and gave up. If only you had someone to show you some great ways to get clients that don't take all your time and energy. How to put a plan together would be great too.....​
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    You HATE to seem pushy, and couldn't possibly tell people you know about your new business.
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    You are prepared to learn and TAKE ACTION to make this dream of yours a reality.

No one is born knowing all this. EVERYTHING is learnable, 

EVERYTHING is do-able i​f you want it enough. 

On the course I will take you step by step through the tekkie bits,

the best ways to market your business, how to stay focused, consistant

and get things done.

At the end of the course you will know how to make yourself stand out

from the crowd, how to confidently and clearly explain how you help people.

And you will be able to make a good living doing deeply satisfying work.

The Holistic Business Course will be available ​in ​ 2018

​Course Fees

Each of the course modules is worth at least €100, a total of €700.

The videos are yours to keep, an extra value of €150.

​But the super affordable price is 



 just €​250 or 4 payments of €​70


The Holistic Business Course Includes Loads of Effective Advertising Methods, How to St​and Out From the Crowd, Avoid Overwhelm and Save €€€€'s!

Holistic Business Course

Each Module has step by step guides and video tutorials.

No previous tekkie knowledge required yaay!​

​How to get local people eager to book in with you.  

  • 5 fab ways to spread the word in your local area.  
  • How to explain what you​ do without being pushy so that people really understand how you can help them. 

Get Bookings On Facebook.

  • How to set  up a Facebook page.
  • How to get ​Facebook likes.
  •  ​What to post on your page.
  • ​How NOT to spend loads of time on Facebook.
  • How to run Competitions & Facebook Ads.

​Money Making Websites

  • How to get a website that doesn't cost a fortune. 
  •  ​The #1 thing you MUST agree with your developer that could save massive headaches. 
  • 11 things you need on your website if you want to get enquiries and bookings from it. 
  • Making sure clients find your website. 

Get to the First Page of Google

  • 4 great ways ​ways to get to the first page of Google.
  • Even without a website.
  • ​For ZERO money.

Newsletters-A MUST for a successful business.

  • Why you NEED a newsletter.
  • What to put in ​your newsletters.
  • ​Step by step through the tekkie stuff.
  • Time saving hacks. 

​Stand Our From​ the Crowd

  • 4 mini treatments to wow your clients.
  • Step by step video tutorials.
  • How to expain the benefits of mini treatments. 
  • ​Pricing your mini treatments.

​​Cut ​Out Overwhelm

  • Make a simple & effective marketing plan.
  • Stay focused & productive.
  • Build your fantastic business.

The Holistic Business Course will be available ​in ​2018

7 Modules packed with information and actionable steps you can take today to start your thriving holistic business.

  • Each ​module is worth at least €100, ​

All the material is yours to keep, a​n extra value of €150.

Total V​alue is €850. 

Can I Afford The Holistic Business Course?

Can you afford not to??

​With just ONE Regular Client ​you will ​have the course fees back in 4 to 6 weeks.

And if you complete even half the modules you will get a LOT more than that!!

 ​Plus​the money saving tips alone will let you make your money back very quickly. 

Where Will I Get Time For All This?

Maybe you work full time, maybe you have children or elderly parents. Or any combination of these. It IS hard to find time to learn anything new AND put it into practice. 

The courses is designed for busy people.

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    Videos you can listen to ​wherever and whenever suits you. In the car, while you do housework, ​at the school gate.
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    A realistic marketing plan that lets you plan tasks that suit your schedule and GET THINGS DONE.
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    Proven time saving hacks so the time spent marketing gets you results.

I REALLY Can't Do Tekkie Stuff!!

​I hear you!!

I've spent hours and days tearing my hair out with websites, social media, trying to design images and lots more. And in the process I learned a LOT. You get to look over my shoulder and copy what I do so you can learn what you need to without the frustration.

I Don't Have Confidence.

Neither did I!! I know at the beginning it looks as though every other therapist is sailing along finding it oh so easy to tell everyone what they do, to put their cards in shops, create really engaging Facebook posts etc. But believe me, this is hardly ever the case. Everything gets easier the more you do it. As ​you work through the course, taking lots of baby steps, your confidence will grow......

Why Listen to Me?

​​If you don't know me, my name is Jenny Sheridan and I'm the owner/manager of Essentials Holistic Centre in Malahide Dublin.

I started my holistic business on a very part time basis back in 1997 and almost gave up in the early days because I had no idea how to get clients. Back then, Facebook was an actual book and anyone who had ​a website was awe inspiring!!

But I persevered. ​I did ​online and offline courses, I swapped ideas with other therapists and I tested and tweaked in my own business. ​I learned about ​flyers & business cards, social media, newsletters, blogging, marketing plans etc.

Through trial and error, I found what worked for a holistic business. Eventually I was able to give up the day job. But to be honest, it was a long struggle.

But you don't need to work that hard. Because I've already put in the time and effort.​

​On the Holistic Business Course, following my bite size, easy to follow tutorials, you will be able to create a profitable business ​in weeks or months, not years.

Holistic Business Course

"Thanks for the mini enhancements ​eBook in your last newsletter. It's given me some great ideas xx."

​Alison Whelan Butterfly Dawn Aromatherapy

Holistic Business Course

"​I love Jenny's hints and tips. I gave a ​new reflexology client an avocado facial from the mini enhancement eBook last week. She loved it and booked in for another treatment straight away. Within a few days her husband had also bought a voucher for her.."

​Caroline Coughlan, Reflexologist Donabate

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