​Become a

Fully Certified Holistic Therapist
In As Little As 4 Months

Even if you're a complete beginner

Fully Certified Online Holistic Training
Excellent standard of training

 That fits around your children, work and other commitments.

Develop an understanding of "Nature's Pharmacy". You'll learn how to use essential oils for health, skin and mood/emotion. 

You can be fully qualified in as little as 4 months

  • 41 Essential Oils
  • 12 Carrier Oils
  • Consultation Techniques
  • Full body massage (optional)
  • Aromatherapy facial (optional)
  • Energy healing
  • Tutor support & feedback for 12 months

Learn a fascinating and highly effective therapy. "Read" the feet to gauge your clients' state of health. Then work them to ease and prevent a huge array of ailments. 

You can be fully qualified in as little as 4 months

  • 1 hour treatment
  • Hand reflexology
  • Mini treatment
  • Fertility treatment
  • Acupressure techniques
  • Energy healing
  • Tutor support & feedback for 12 months

Become truly competent in your chosen therapy with an understanding of how the body works

You will learn not just the systems of the body but why this matters to holistic therapists on a very practical level.

How do you recognise particular ailments? 

When and why it might be safer not to treat a client.

When you should refer your client to a medical professional.

How you might be able to ease the symptoms of many conditions.

What aftercare to give your client so they get the most possible benefit from your treatment.

& more

Here’s what people are saying about the Online Holistic Diploma Courses

Maggie Neary Kerr

Holistic Therapist Dublin

'I'm currently doing the online Indian Head massage and 5 oil facial. 

The on line layout is fantastic, great videos and notes all very well put together.

Jenny has been absolutely amazing during the whole process no matter what I've had to email her about. I can't recommend high enough.

Dara Jennings

Reflexologist Dublin


 I have been studying Reflexology and Anatomy and Physiology at Essentials over the Summer months. I had put off Reflexology for years as I feared the Anatomy and Physiology section of the course. Big mistake on my part.

I have been covering the A&P on Jenny's online learning. This course is excellent. Jenny makes the learning so real and non daunting. Jenny presents the information in a light informative way that makes it easy and really interesting. She gives tips and stories to help you retain the information. Excellent teacher

You can log in and out when you have the time. As I'm writing this review I have a spare hour. I'm listening to The Endocrine System on my mobile (learning rather than social media!)

Do something today that scares you. Book one of the courses. You really won't regret it!

Aromatherapy Student


Jenny's is a great tutor, always at hand when I need advice for my clients, and also very knowledgeable.

I would highly recommend Jenny's course, very easy to follow, as all information is on slides, and also great ways of learning the information. 

I am proud to call Jenny a wonderful tutor of mine.


What Happens When You Enroll?

First, choose the course you would like to do, and whether you would like to pay in one or six installments. 

Step 1
Get immediate access to the course

Watch the getting started section, where I walk you through the dashboard and the lessons.

how to access each module. 

step 2
Watch the videos, read the PDF's

You can choose which modules you'd like to start with. As you work through the theory lessons complete the questions and assignments. Practice the techniques and send me videos.

step 3
Complete your case studies

There is minimal paperwork needed for your case studies (phew). For each treatment you outline what techniques/oils you used and what the effect was. 

Because it's all about learning, not paperwork!


I'm Jenny, the course tutor. I've been working as a holistic therapist and tutor for over 20 years.

I'm an ITEC registered tutor, a VTCT assessor and a FETAC trainer. After working in various colleges and holistic centres I ran my own centre from 2012 to 2019.

In 2019, because of huge demand, I made a big decision to close my premises and focus full time on online holistic training. 

I have trained several hundred practicing massage therapists, aromatherapists and reflexologists. As well offering full qualifications I have created courses to upskill including the 5 Oil Facial, Indian Head Massage and Pregnancy Massage. 

My own qualifications include holistic massage, aromatherapy, clinical aromatherapy, tuina acupressure, sports massage, Indian head massage, hot stone massage, hot stone reflexology, holistic facial, natural facial, cancer care massage, aromatherapy and reflexology, pregnancy massage and reflexology, IET (all levels), Spiritual Healing, PIRT (Primal Integration & Regression Therapy) Reiki (all levels) and counselling skills.

i look froward to welcoming you on one of my courses and supporting you as you ignite your passion, gain your qualification and start helping lots of people.

You Don't Just Want A Qualification

When I finished my first massage course I had a qualification but I quickly discovered that I didn't have the skills to succeed as a therapist. I had no idea how to give a deep massage, a 60 minute back massage or lots more that clients asked for and needed. 

I annoys me so much to see other therapists in the same situation. And this is why, when you complete a course with me you will be work ready, not just exam ready.

I hope you enjoy the journey and I look forward to supporting and guiding you,

Jenny xx


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