Holistic Therapist Hygiene

 Certified Mini Course

Return to work safely after lockdown


I LOVED the course, thank you, I've pages of notes. Terrifying thinking of all the changes, but necessary. 

Alison Whelan 



 It was a very thorough course and some very useful tips that I'll use as a carer as well as a therapist when that gets going again!. 

Bridget Smith
Holistic Therapist

Take The Mini Course, Get Back to Work Safely & Earn a Certificate to Reassure Your Clients

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  • 90 minute video covering cleaning routines, safe policies and more.
  • Tips to educate and reassure your clients and help grow your business. 
  • Certificate of Achievement that you can print and display in your treatment room.
  • Certificate jpg to share on social media and your website. 
  • Email access to me if you need support.
  • Plus bonus templates to save you a ton of time and stress.

You'll be directed to PayPal to pay €12, if you don't have a PayPal account you can pay by credit or debit card.

Immediately after payment you'll be directed to the course. I'll also email you a link to the course. 

How Does This Work? 

Watch the Video 

Watch the 90 minute video. The video is in chapters so you can go back to a particular section without watching the whole thing again.

I've also included a PDF that you can download for a quick refresher.

Complete the Questions

There are some straight forward multiple choice questions to complete. You need to get a 100% mark in the questions to get a cert, but don't worry, you can go back and redo the questions you got wrong as often as you like.

Get Your Cert

I check all the answers and prepare the certs every day.

You'll get a print version and a jpg (photo for social media) by the next weekday morning  

Here's What You'll Learn

How Does Covid 19 Spread?

Knowing how covid 19 spreads is the first step in staying safe and keeping others safe

What Are the Symptoms of Covid 19?

There are so many symptoms of covid 19. Adding a special covid 19 section to your consultation forms and your website will reassure your clients and keep everyone safe

PPE for therapists

Suggested personal protective equiptment for  you and your clients

Anti Viral Cleaning Products

Not all cleaning products will destroy viruses, I'll share some that do

Anti Viral Essential Oils

Essential oils have been shown to be powerful antiviral agents. They also smell beautiful and are super relaxing

Policies to Keep Everyone Safe

  • What can you have in your therapy room? 
  • Can clients wait in the reception area?
  • Should you do consultations online or in person?
  • How can you reassure clients that it's safe to come to you?

It was a great course with lots of information and ideas for when I reopen. thanks so much I loved it!

Bronagh McDonagh, Holistic Therapist

That's Not All

You'll have the option of signing up for my email list to receive some fabulous time saving templates and information.

  • Consultation form that is GDPR friendly and helps to screen and prepare clients for your new safe policies. You can edit it to suit your needs.
  • Templates of welcome messages to welcome clients back via social media posts, email or text.
  • A handy hygiene checklist you can use as part of your safety documents.
  • 10 antiviral essential oils plus 7 easy recipes you can make today. A 60 minute video and PDF 

About Me

And a big disclaimer........

Hi, I'm Jenny and I've been a holistic therapist and tutor for over 20 years.

Just to be clear.....

I'm not medically qualified,

I'm not a virologist,

I'm not a covid 19 expert.

I'm sharing this information with holistic therapists and beauty therapists based on my long experience teaching hygiene procedures and professionalism to holistic therapists. 

I've also done a lot of research into covid 19, read up on WHO and CDC (Centre of Disease Control) and spoken to front line medical workers.

I hope this mini course helps keep you and others safe and helps your business in these very wierd times.

Stay safe,

Jenny xx