Are you tired of struggling to pay your bills, always competing on price?

Tired of pouring your heart and soul into work you love but just not making enough income?

Is there a niggling fear that this holistic therapy business doesn't really work and you'll soon have to give up and go back to your soul destroying desk job?

What is UpSell Therapy?

It's a short online course that you can complete and implement 10 days or less increase your bookings AND raise your rates.

What would an extra €150 to €345 a week from your holistic therapy business mean to you?

  • 3 new clients a week at €50 will increase your income by €150
  • Charging 6 existing clients an extra €10-€20 will give you an extra €60 - €120 a week
  • 3 new clients a week at €75 will bring you an extra €225

This -and more- is so doable. We'll break everything down to baby steps so no overwhelm, I promise

Here's What's Included

A 10 day roadmap to guide you through the course. 

Step by step plan to help you complete the course and get results quickly. Even if you're really busy. 

Quick video tutorials on 3 mini treatments 

The mini treatments are super easy but will get fantastic results for your clients. 

​How to price your therapies without cringing

​It's so hard sometimes to raise your prices.

What if you loose all your clients?

What if people think you're greedy?

​In this module we'll look at the real benefit of your therapies and how to communicate that to existing and potential clients so you can comfortably pay your bills and earn a decent income.

Quick Marketing That Really Works

Step by step guides to effective online and offline marketing.

There are mini videos for the tekkie bits you can literally look over my shoulder and follow along.  

What My Students Say


Thanks for the mini enhancements eBook in your last newsletter. It's given me some great ideas xx

Alison Whelan

Butterfly Dawn Aromatherapy


Co Dublin


I gave a client the mini rejuvenating facial after her reflexology treatment. She immediately booked for the following week. The next day her husband bought 2 vouchers, one for his wife and one for his sister. 

This Course Is For You If:-

  • You're a newly qualified holistic therapist and you want to build your holistic business quickly
  • You've been working for a while as a holistic therapist but you really need more bookings.
  •  You're still studying holistic therapies and you want to hit the ground running. 
  • You have no idea how to market yourself effectively.
  • You're prepared to learn what you need to know
  • You're ready to implement what you learn

This Course is Not For You If:-

  • You absolutely can't put aside 30 to 90 minutes for 10 or 20 (not necessarily consecutive) days
  • You have all the clients you need in your holistic therapy business and can't take any more bookings.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I learn holistic treatments online?

The beauty of the mini treatments is that they are super simple and super effective. The video tutorials are short, clear and easy to follow.

Will I be able to do the course if I am completely new (and scared of!) marketing? 

I hear you. Marketing is the scariest part for many holistic therapists but so necessary. The marketing techniques are easy and effective. And I will guide you step by step through each one.

Why will it take just 10 days? 

I0 days gives you plenty of time to learn and practice the mini treatments, to implement some great marketing techniques and get a quick result. Plus at roughly an hour a day is is doable even with a busy lifestyle. You can of course complete everything in a longer or shorter time. 

How long do I have access to the course? 

You have lifetime access which means as long as this website is active you can use the course. If the website is ever shutting down you will have 3 months notice so you can download all the lessons. 


why listen to me?

Hi, I'm Jenny Sheridan and I have been a holistic therapist and tutor for over 20 years.

I know what it's like to struggle to build my holistic business, I even know what it's like to give up and go back to a job I hated!!

But, through trial and error I found ways to build my holistic therapy business, attract all the clients I needed and give them amazing value. In 2012 I opened my own holistic centre in Malahide Dublin. 

I have trained countless holistic therapists, ensured they were skilled and confident and watched while they built up their own thriving holistic therapy businesses. 

Isn't it time to stop listening to lots of different people?

Trying a bit of Facebook, a few posters, occasional emails?

All of which take a ton of time but get slow (if any) results.

Join me inside Upgrade Therapy to get quick and effective strategies to boost your holistic therapy business.

Plus my Road Map to ensure you take focused action, side step time wasting random efforts and really boost your holistic business in 10 days.

Sure what else would you be doing in an hour a day for a week and a half?

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