Are most of the clients in your holistic therapy practice re booking? Of course you will always need to attract new clients. But if you want to build a sustainable holistic therapy practice and look after your clients, re booking is really important.  

Most of your clients, if they want to get real and lasting results, need regular treatments whether that is once a month or once a week. Also, re booking existing clients will take you a lot less time, effort and money than attracting new clients.  

If you're terrified of seeming pushy, don't worry. I will show you how to set up a simple system and share easy "scripts" that will feel comfortable and ensure most of your clients re book.  

4 easy steps to increase re booking in your holistic therapy practice:-

  1. Give a Good First Impression and a Great Treatment. 
  2. Ask for Clients Contact Details
  3. Tell Them When They Should Re-Book
  4. Keep in Contact

1. Make your clients feel welcome and listened to.  

Some easy tips that make a big difference:-

  • Be friendly and professional when dealing with enquiries and bookings,
  • Give clear directions verbally and by text/email 
  • Send reminder texts
  • Finding out what the client needs before they arrive.

2. Ask for Contact Details

Whatever stage of business you’re in, a brand-new therapist or someone with a thriving business, you always need to build up your client list.

This is a list of people who have had a treatment from you and who want to hear about your special offers, new treatments or just be reminded that you're there.

You do need to have the client's consent to contact them. This is a legal requirement under GDPR as well as plain good manners. 

Have a question like, “Would you like me to include you in my mailing list and keep you informed of special offers etc by phone or email?” to which they reply Yes or No. Having a small box to be ticked if they don't want to hear from you is not enough, it must be a clear Yes.​

3. Tell Them When They Should Re-Book

Many therapists are afraid of asking if a client wants to re-book. They don't want to appear too pushy, it's embarrassing and might scare the client away.

But look at it from the client's point of view. They have a problem that you can help with. You are the expert and they want you to tell them what they should do. Imagine going to a doctor or specialist and asking them when you should come again only to get a vague and uncertain reply.

Clients really appreciate it when you tell them how many treatments they need, and how often, to resolve the issue they are having. If someone has very severe neck and shoulder tension, for instance, I ask them to come back once a week for the next few weeks. They may only need a 30 minute neck and shoulder massage at these follow up treatments. When the tension is eased, I will suggest monthly or 6 weekly maintenance treatments. If they don't get maintenance treatments, the tension will return and they will be sore and tired again.

Don't be afraid to suggest that the client book their next treatment there and then. They can always reschedule if they need to but not re-booking can mean they will forget, time will slip away and and the issue they have will get worse. I say something like  " Would you like to book your next treatment now? You can always re arrange later if you need to ".

4. Keep in Contact

Keeping in contact with the client is so important, both immediately after the treatment and later.

Send A Text the Following Day

Sending a client a text the day after their treatment just to check in how she is really shows that you care and will make you stand out in her mind.

Sending regular texts and/or e-newsletters
  • Remind your clients that you exist by sending e-newsletters and/or texts with special offers, new treatments, loyalty schemes etc. 
  • You can also use newsletters to educate your clients about the benefits of your treatments. 
  • Send birthday gifts like a free mini treatment with the next full treatment they book. I find it's better to make this a limited time offer, for instance the voucher must be used within a month.
  • I find that texts get more of a response than newsletters.
  • Contact your clients at least once a month but no more than once a week.  

What's Next?

I hope you got lots of ideas from this post. If you'd like to learn more about building a sustainable holistic therapy practice why not check out my new online course, UpSell Therapy?

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