How to Increase Bookings in Your Holistic Therapy Business During a Quiet Month

There's times in your holistic therapy business that it seems like you're on a bit of a rollercoaster with your bookings. And, well meaning advice like use the time for your self care or catch up on your accounts doesn't help much when you have a mortgage to pay. You need to increase your bookings now, period. 

Here are practical ways to increase your bookings in your holistic therapy business 

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1. Send a newsletter and/or texts to your clients letting them know what appointments you have available.

You don't need to say that all, or nearly all, your appointments are free, just give 4 or 5 free slots. Do remember to check that you are GDPR compliant before contacting your clients, you can check out my other blog post here.

2.  Email or text your regular clients who haven't been in for a while. 

Just a friendly check in like:- "Hi Susan, hope your back is feeling good since I last saw you. If you do need me, I have a couple of appointments available on Wednesday afternoon, Saturday morning and Thursday evening. All the best, Jenny"

I deliberately wouldn't include times, you don't want to give lots of times, so it looks like you're desperate or just give a few that might not suit them.

I find clients really appreciate these texts, it's very easy for them to let time slip away, and their condition can get worse because they haven't been in for a treatment.

If you're sending a general text or email with your availability, don't also send a personal email or text to your regular clients.

3. Combine your treatments to create specials which are available for a limited time. This week only or for the next two weeks. Or for the next five clients to book.

Here's some ideas that give amazing value to your clients but which cost you very little in terms of time or money. 

  • Offer a facial and foot massage with your usual full body or back neck and shoulder massage.
  • A sugar scrub and chakra balancing with reflexology.
  • A mini head massage with any treatment.
  • Extra time, a 75 minute treatment for the price of a 60 minute treatment, with extra focus on those tight neck and shoulder muscles. 
  • A product to take home such as a blend of aromatherapy oils for a fragrant and relaxing bath.

Maybe you're already including extra time and/or some of these add on treatments for free, without even thinking about it? I know I did, for years! But there's nothing to stop you talking about them in your emails, texts and on social media, explaining how they benefit clients and charging extra for them. If this makes you feel cringy, check out my post about raising your rates without loosing clients

Specials don't mean lower cost, you could easily charge an extra €10 to €20 for these specials. 

4. Offer a free mini treatment for a limited time or to a limited number of clients. 

This is similar to number 3 above. Simply let your clients know that for the next week or two weeks, or for the first five clients to book, there is a free mini treatment. You could offer a head massage, a sugar scrub, extra time etc. 

Let them know how much it is worth and what the benefits are. So maybe "a free mini rejuvenating facial worth €10 using natural vegetable oils which reduce fine lines and wrinkles and boost collagen and elastin".

If you'd like a step by step guide on giving a mini rejuvenating facial, check out this blog post.

5.  Put up a short video on social media showing a snippet of one of your treatments. By short, I mean very short, no longer than a minute. The video can be live, but prerecorded videos work well too, and I know a live video with a client can be stressful! Include some text in the post with a line or two of information about the therapy.

6. Promote your vouchers. You can create vouchers on Canva which you can print for clients who want hard copies. You can also make it super easy for clients to buy vouchers by attaching them to your emails or texts, so they can pay and download them.

7. Top Tip! Set up an online booking system which you can include as a link in your social media posts, in your emails and your texts. Nothing like making it easy to book!

Would you like 50 + easy tips to increase your bookings in any economy?

  • Effective social media ideas,
  • Get regular bookings with newsletters and texts,
  • Easy treatment upgrades and reward schemes,
  • Get to the top of Google,
  • Options for extra income streams.

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