December 8, 2021

With covid numbers going up again, lots of people are understandably afraid of going out. As a result, many therapists have been wondering how to offer treatments online, so they can continue to support their clients, and to pay the bills. 

In this post I'll share multiple ways to offer treatments online as well as increase your in person bookings and your voucher sales. 

In this post I'll share some simple (but maybe not obvious!) ideas to 

  • Increase your bookings even when clients are nervous about in person treatments.
  • Sell more vouchers
  • How to offer treatments online whether that is massage, aromatherapy, reflexology or healing 
  • Easy tech options
  • How to instantly take payments online

To help increase your bookings, why not send your clients emails and texts telling them about your stringent hygiene procedures? Don't assume they know how safe they are with you. That should reassure the clients who are uncertain and increase your bookings.

Also, when you send your clients the texts and emails let them know about your gift vouchers and even attach gift vouchers to your emails or texts, so they can purchase them easily? Letting them know that there is no expiration date will be an extra incentive for them to buy.

How to offer treatments online

Distant healing (Reiki/IET etc) Energy has no limitations and a distant healing is just as powerful as an in person one. The distant healing can be by video or phone. Some therapists call the clients before the treatment starts and a few minutes after it's over. Others stay on the line throughout and talk to the clients as they would in an in person treatment. 

Reflexologists can do video calls, starting with a consultation then showing the client which points to work on. A nice bonus would be to send a kit beforehand with foot balm, sanitiser, sugar scrub etc. 

How to offer treatments online

Massage Therapists could have video calls where they demonstrate stretches, teach relaxation techniques, show self massage techniques. Sending a blend of natural painkilling oils for the client to use in the treatment would also be really helpful.

Beauty Therapists could do a phone consultation, send the products in advance, then do a video call walking clients through doing a self facial. And if you use Zoom, it's easy to record it and send the recording on to the client. You could even offer parties, where several people have phone consultations, get products sent to them and log in at the same time to learn the routine as a group.

Aromatherapists have quite a few online options.

Phone or video consultations then make up and deliver the blends of oils your clients need along with instructions for using them.

Bespoke products, a "party box" of products including handmade sugar scrubs, moisturisers, balms,burner blend, bath bombs etc along with video instructions for using them. This is something that could be enjoyed by mothers and daughters or sisters at home or virtually.

Facial in a Box - have a phone or video consultation, deliver the products your client needs and teach a facial routine on Zoom or other video call. On Zoom you have the added option of sending your client the recording afterwards.  

 Combination of online and in person treatments a course of treatments with some online and some in person could be a great option for you and your clients. 

 Your treatments are not the only way you help your clients, look at the amazing aftercare advice you give to help ease pain, reduce stress, nourish the skin etc. Aftercare is a big part of online treatments just as it is of in person treatments. 

Tekkie bits and taking payment

For video calls, try WhatsApp, Messenger or Zoom. With Zoom, you have the option of recording the call and sending it to your client.

Pro tip - whatever you choose, try it first with a friend a few times, so you're comfortable with it and can easily explain it to your clients. 

PayPal, Sum up and Revolut let you take payments online. Plus you get notification immediately that the money has reached you, no need to wait for funds to clear. Revolut, as far as I know has no transaction fees. 

I hope you found that helpful,

Jenny xx

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