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IET is a powerful but gentle energy therapy which works on a cellular level to  release blocks that cause Physical and emotional pain and prevent us living happy and fulfilled lives. 

The treatment can be hands on or hands off and is given while the client is fully dressed.

There are 3 levels of IET 

  • Level 1 is the entry level where you learn how to give a powerful IET treatment for yourself, a friend or family member. You will learn the powerful Heartlink technique which allows angelic energy to flow. Basic level attunement allows you to clear cellular memory of physical and emotional blockages. 
  • Level 2 builds on the knowledge of Level 1 and the attunement deepens and intensifies your treatments and the benefits to your clients. After level 2 you will be able to get insurance to practice professionally.  
  • Level 3 is very powerful and intense. You will receive level 3 attunement which helps you to find your soul's purpose, to manifest your desires and to channel angelic energy to heal the earth. 

IET Course

Dates, Times &


IET 1 Saturday 19th January,

IET 2 Saturday 16th February,

IET 3 Saturday 16th March.

IET 1 Saturday 13th April,

IET 2 Saturday 18th May,

IET 3 Saturday 15th June.

IET 1 Saturday 13th July,

IET 2 Saturday 10th August,

IET 3 Saturday 7th September.

IET 1 Saturday 8th October,

IET 2 Saturday 2nd November,

IET 3 Saturday 7th December.

Each workshop runs from 

Each workshop runs from 10 am to 6 pm.

The fee for each workshop is €180 which includes manual and certificate.  

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