Improve Your Massage

In this post I will share 5 ways that you can improve your massage. Each of them is simple and each will make a real difference to your massage. 

Listen to Your Clients to Improve Your Massage.

Your clients' requests are super important. If you ignore them, even with the best of intentions, your clients will be dissatisfied and won't get the most from the treatments.  And they are less likely to rebook.

First, you could put some extra questions on your consultation form including:-

  • What level of pressure they prefer
  • Would they like you to work on their face, tummy, gluts (buttocks) and feet.

When you start the massage always check that the pressure is to their liking. Asking once or twice when you work on the back, maybe once on the back of the legs and once or twice on the front of the body seems to be just the right number of times to ask.

You may know that your massage client will need a deep pressure to ease out the knots and tension. But if he requests a light massage and gets a firm one he will become more tense so defeating the purpose of the massage. And he is very unlikely to rebook. 

When you find an area that needs some deep work, but your client finds too uncomfortable, do some extra effleurage strokes. I have seen clients enjoy a much firmer pressure when I take the time to do lots of effleurage strokes. 

For more about how to find out what your client wants and needs, have a look at my other post, 

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Always Keep One Hand On the Client.

This is a really easy but very important thing you need to do to improve your massage. The client is super relaxed, and having a wonderful treatment. When you take both hands off, the client doesn't know where you are in the room and the whole relaxed feeling can disappear. 

You will of course need to move around and reach for your oil. Don't be tempted to leave the oil on the table, there is nothing worse than not remembering where you put it and trying to find it without letting the client know anything is wrong.

If you need to walk to a table that is not in reach, just keep one hand on the client as you make your way to and from the table. It may seem very fussy, but it will make a big difference to the treatment. The more you do this, the more it becomes second nature. 

5 ways that you can improve your massage. Each of them is simple and each will make a real difference to your massage. 

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Mind Your Posture if You Want to Improve Your Massage. 

This is one of the most important things you need to learn as a massage therapist. If your posture is right, you will be able to use deep or light pressure as needed. The correct posture also means you will be able to do 5 or 6 massages a day without being totally exhausted. 

The golden rules are:-

  • Work with your weight rather than your arms and shoulders.
  • When you are standing at the side of the massage table, doing long strokes like effleurage, use a striding position. One foot is forward, your abdominal muscles are slightly tense, your front leg is "strong". It's very like the Warrior Pose in yoga.
  • Keep both feet on the ground all the time.  Avoid raising your heel and standing on your toes.
  • Work where possible from the opposite side of the massage table and from the head of the massage table.
  • Keep your shoulders down. You might not be aware that your shoulders are raised, so every now and then remind yourself to drop them. 
  • Be careful that your hands aren't too tense. This is also something you need to watch for and adjust as needed. 

Using Essential Oils

If you are an aromatherapist you'll know essential oils are a great way to improve your massage. However, always make sure your client likes the blend. You could let him smell each oil in turn, then hold the bottles and let him smell them all together. When you make up the blend, let him smell it again. If your client doesn't like the smell, he is less likely to enjoy the massage. Always stress to the client that your would rather make a new blend rather that risking him not enjoying the massage.  

Take Time to Close The Treatment

Don’t abruptly end the massage and step away, particularly when you are giving a chair massage. A gentle squeeze of the shoulders, walking to the end of the bed (keeping one hand on the client) and gently pressing the feet, using healing techniques are all lovely ways to end. You could then softly whisper to the client that you are going to get them some water and suggest that they stay on the massage table for a few minutes to rest. This will also keep the client feeling very relaxed right to the end and after the treatment. 

I hope you found this helpful, please feel free to share with anyone you think it would also help,

Jenny xx

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