This blog will give you some fab ideas for free or cheap marketing. I will also cover how to set up a realistic marketing plan that you can easily follow. 

Knowing how you can market your massage business and setting up a realistic plan to do it will make a huge difference in your business whether you are just starting out or you've been a therapist for a while but really want and need to get more clients. A plan will help you stay focused and build the holistic or massage business you dream of.

You Want to Spend More Time Offering Therapies.

As a holistic therapist you love what you do. Nothing, but nothing beats the satisfaction of seeing your clients looking lighter and less stressed and glowing.

You have spent thousands on holistic courses and are planning to up-skill and learn new therapies.

Marketing Your Massage Business Is Stressful

But, the whole marketing thing just leaves  you overwhelmed and panicky. And  how on earth are you supposed to find the time for Facebook, twitter, business cards etc., etc.?? Maybe you have children, elderly parents to look after, a job.......... 

It's all enough to make you put off the yucky marketing and continue as  you are, hoping somehow clients will get to hear about you.

The Easy Way to Market Your Massage Business

You need a plan. Adoable, non stressful plan that works and actually gets you (gasp) clients.

A practical plan to help you to:-

  • Know what you need to do, and when. 
  • Stay focused on your business and not get overwhelmed.
  • Use whatever time you have poductively so you actually get somewhere. 

The Steps to Marketing Your Massage Business.

First, think about how you want to market your business. 

Marketing Your Massage Business.

Phew, getting a bit stressful already!!

Remember these are suggestions only, you do NOT need to do them all.

Try a few that appeal to you and see what works.

Decide how much time you realistically have for marketing your business. If you're just starting, how many hours a week and what times do you hope to give treatments? Maybe 2 hours on 2 mornings while your little one is at playschool and one evening for 2 hours when you have someone to babysit? Or 3 hours on a Saturday morning when you don't work and one evening for 3 hours?

Then use that time to market, reducing the marketing time when you have clients.

Download the marketing plan template and put a plan together. Make it challenging but also realistic. If you have small children and are working part time it's unlikely you will be able to do more than 3 or 4 hours a week. Resist the temptation to get super enthusiastic and try to set up a Facebook page and a website,  plus order business cards on your first week. If you set unrealistic goals you most likely won't reach them which will leave you feeling disheartened. And feeling disheartened too often may be enough to bring your plans to a halt.

Divide bigger jobs up into smaller tasks. Setting up a Facebook page, for instance, involves lots of mini tasks including:-

  • Organise a logo. Please do not pay a fortune for this (like I did. Twice!!)  Use a site like Fiverr.
  • Create a header using I'll have a tutorial on using canva available soon.
  • Setting up your shop on Facebook.
  • Filling in the about section with contact details.
  • Getting good pictures of yourself, your therapy room, some equipment you use for your Facebook posts.  
  • Planning what, and how often you'll post. Postcron is a really good, and inexpensive way to schedule posts on Facebook and lots of other social media platforms.  If you use the link here you and I will both get a free month of postcron, how cool is that?
  • Sharing your page with friends and asking them to share it. Sharing it on your personal profile too.

Spread out the expense. If you're paying someone to build a website, don't order business cards the same month, set up a Facebook page instead.

Be consistent with whatever marketing you do. If you put out posters and business cards in  your nearby shopping centre, repeat every 2 to 3 months. If you set up a website, keep your special offers, new treatments etc., current.

If you're finding some of the sites mentioned in this post confusing, don't worry. I will be putting up tutorial videos on

  1. Canva
  2. Setting up a Facebook page,
  3. Fiverr,
  4. Postcron

over the next few weeks, and I will walk you through the tekkie bits. It's all straightforward, nothing complicated.

If you'd like more support and advice as you set up or grow your holistic business, check out my online Holistic Business course which will be available on February 28th. The course is packed with step by step video tutorials and downloadable PDF's covering everything you need to know to get yourself busy doing what you love.

Would you like 50 + easy tips to increase your bookings in any economy?

  • Effective social media ideas,
  • Get regular bookings with newsletters and texts,
  • Easy treatment upgrades and reward schemes,
  • Get to the top of Google,
  • Options for extra income streams.

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