​Our course includes:-
Full Body Massage​.
Deep Tissue Massage.
​Head, face ​& foot massage.
​​Natural oils for pain relief. 
​How to treat sciatica, sinusitis & carpal tunnel.  ​

* No practical exam.
*Student clinics ​help you gain skill & confidence. 

Our Massage Course Success Stories

*Mary was one of our recently qualified students and one of ​her first clients was a lady who had suffered for 3 years from severe Bell's Palsy, a distressing condition which leaves half the face paralysed.

Having contacted her tutor for advice, Mary treated her client with gentle face massage along with a head massage and deep neck and shoulder techniques. After 3 weeks of treatment, Mary's client reported that practically all of her symptoms had disappeared.​

*Rosemary had suffered from pain and discomfort in her hips since a fall 3 years before. She had been told that there was nothing else medically that could be done for her.  

Her friend *Rachel, one of our massage course students, asked her to be a case study for her. Rosemary was delighted and was looking forward to some relaxing treatments.

Rachel, however, having studied some advanced massage ​techniques on ​the massage course, was able to focus on Rosemary's hips and lower back.

To the surprise and delight of  both of them, Rosemary got up from the massage table, pain free for the first time in 3 years. ​

* Names have been changed to protect identities

​What You Will Learn on our
Massage Course.

If you have been looking at massage courses  you will know that all accredited colleges teach full body massage, contraindications, client care and history & philosophy of massage.

In Essentials massage course, however, you can expect more that.

  • Advanced Massage Techniques. To be a competent, work ready therapist you need to much more than the basic massage techniques taught in most colleges. We include advanced techniques including deep tissue and treatments for sciatica, carpal tunnel, sinusitis and more. 
  • Some ​Incredible ​Uses of ​Natural ​Vegetable ​Oils for ​Massage to help skin conditions, pain & inflammation, PMT, infection etc.
  • Healing Techniques including how to ground, centre and energetically cleanse yourself and your treatment room and how to use some beautiful healing techniques to enhance your massage.
  • How to Practice Self Care. As a therapist, you need to care for the "tools of your trade" - your hands, wrists, back and shoulders. The massage course includes quick and easy tips that take just minutes a day and help prevent and reduce tension, strain and wear and tear.  


Massage course

Hi to all new visitors of Essential page, I would like to recommend this place to anybody who like to learn about all type of massage and healing. 

I was a bit scared in the beginning because I didn't have a clue about anatomy or physiology, plus I am not native English speaker. But Jenny is such a great teacher and she was teaching us step by step and I got it. I was very surprised about myself that I did it:) and it was very clear to me in the end.

Essentials Holistic Centre is a place, where I really like going back to as well and have a plan to do more studies there. Jenny is great teacher and great therapist. If you meet her and get to know her you will love her and have a great memories.

Lenka Horska- Massage Therapist Dublin

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Massage Course 
Times, Dates & Fees

When does the next 

Massage Course start? 

The massage course can be taken on a Monday evening from 7 pm to 10 pm (starting Monday ​1st October 2018) or a Wednesday morning from 10.00am to 1.30pm (starting Wednesday ​3rd October 2018).

The course runs for 6 months, finishing at the end of ​March.

​Course Fees

€1852 including the Anatomy & Physiology Module. This is payable in 7 monthly installments as follows:

  • €250 deposit to secure your place
  • €267 payable on the first week of the month for the duration of the course
  • This includes an administration fee of €40
  • Fees are payable by standing order

€1154 for students who have already completed the Anatomy & Physiology modules. This is payable in 7 installments as follows:-

  • €200 deposit to secure your place
  • €159 payable on the first week of the month for the duration of the course
  • This includes an administration fee of €40
  • Fees are payable by standing order to the bank

Fees are inclusive of €175 VTCT registration fees, course manuals, oils and wipes, sanitiser etc for class. You will need to provide towels, a tunic (of any colour) for the student clinics and any equipment and supplies for case studies and home use.

Do I need to ​do

Anatomy & Physiology?

Students will need to have completed an ITEC or VTCT level 3 qualification in Anatomy & Physiology within the last 5 years in order to qualify for an exemption from this module.

Students who have a different or an older qualification will have the option to take the exam without doing the course (€50 registration fee) or of self-study with guidance (€250 admin/registration/tuition fee)

​Your Questions Answered

Is the qualification recognised? 

Yes, you will get a VTCT diploma in ​massage which is recognised worldwide. 

Will I be able to learn what I need if I haven't studied in a long time, if I speak English As A foreign Language, if I have dyslexia or ​other learning difficulty?

All you need is a genuine desire to learn. We have small class sizes, ongoing assessment and all learning types and difficulties are catered for. We are known for our relaxed atmosphere so you will be comfortable asking questions. The fact that there is no exam for the massage course is a huge plus.  


Will I Have Time to Study?

Many of our students work full time, some work part time and have children, elderly parents and other ​commitments

If you can put aside 2 or 3 hours a week you will have plenty of time to study and practice your techniques. 

Will I be able to afford it? 

A diploma course is a big ​commitment and to make it affordable, we have broken​ the payments into 7 installments.  We are always open to alternate payment plans, so feel free to contact us if you would like to have a chat in confidence.

Massage course


Essentials is such a lovely place to study, you feel at ease straight away. The class sizes are small and provide a comfortable place in which to learn, particularly for anyone returning to the 'study' environment, every effort and teaching method is provided by Jenny and her team to ensure you feel confident in what you are doing. 

Assessments are on-going, which is great for anyone who gets the dreaded exam 'freeze', because you've already gotten used to what to expect.

Payment plans for the courses are also a big plus during these difficult times, and are very competitively priced too. So often people pay upfront for courses only to find that its all about just getting through the curriculum, not so at Essentials, we constantly re-capped on things, everyone is given the opportunity to have things explained, however many times it takesand Jenny in particular is 'famed' for her unique poems and methods of making things easy to learn and understand.

For anyone contemplating a Diploma course but unsure where they should do it, I can recommend Essentials without hesitation, once you enter you don't want to leave.

​Maria Doyle Holistic Therapist Dublin

About Jenny

Hi, I'm Jenny and I'm the owner of Essentials Holistic Centre, Malahide. 

​I have been practicing and teaching ​massage for 20 years. I have a passion for holistic therapies and particularly for teaching. ​It's fantastic to see see students develop from nervous beginners into confident therapists. 

Over the years I have learned a lot of ways to make learning ​relaxed and enjoyable and achieve very high standards. ​

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