Mini Treatments Course

Our ​Mini ​Treatments Course is perfect for you if you would like to stand out from the other holistic therapists in your area. 

Or if you are trying to compete by lowering your prices but find it very hard to make ends meet. 

On our Mini Treatments Course ​you will learn some fab mini treatments which​ give excellent value to your clients while costing you little in terms of time or money.

Why ​Take Our Mini Treatments Course?

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    7 mini treatments which can be used to enhance reflexology, massage, arometherapy, beauty treatments & more.
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    ​How to combine the treatments in many different ways to create monthly specials. 
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    How to market your mini treatments to bring in new clients and encoursge rebookings.
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    You will receive a fully comprehensive manual with step by step instructions & ingredients.
Mini treatments


​Marine Mud Pack

Natural Marine Mud is not only detoxifying, good for the skin and boosting energy levels, it also relieves deep and chronic tension.

After a deep back, neck and shoulder massage the mud is applied to the back, the client is covered while the nutrients and minerals are absorbed.

The client can be left to relax or the therapist can offer a mini head massage, reflexology, or hand and foot massage.

​Paraffin Wax Treatment​

Paraffin wax is wonderful for painful conditions such as arthritis, both in easing symptoms and helping prevent the condition.

It also leave the skin beautifully soft.

The wax ​is be applied to the hands and/or feet and left to absorb while you give one of your usual treatments. 

​It really adds to the relaxation effect of the treatment.

Body Brushing

​Body brushing is a perfect treatment to be included with any ​other treatment. 

The brushing exfoliates the skin, reduces fluid retention (therefore extra inches) and strengthens the immune system

Sugar Scrub

​Sugar is so good for the skin when applied externally and makes a lovely, gentle exfoliant.

We are adventurous with our scrubs and add essential oils andother natural products to uplift and revive or to calm and sooth​.

Used before a treatment they add to the relaxation effect and feel so good on the skin.

Sugar scrubs are also a perfect gift for clients, a lovely way to show appreciation for their business.

Aroma Detox

​Body brushing is followed by a back/full body massage with our Aroma Detox Gel.

Invigorating & refreshing

Hair & Scalp Mask

​Warm oils are massaged into the hair, which is then wrapped in a hot towel while the client enjoys a treatment. 

This lovely mini treatment adds extra relaxation and nourishes the hair and scalp.

Foot Soak

​What could be better than a soothing foot soak before a reflexology treatment or a massage? 

We have some fab natural recipies to relax, detox or invigorate.

Market Yourself

30 easy online and offline ways to market your minitreatments.

How to combine your mini treatments with other therapies to make a fabulous range of specials.

Easy Recipes


Foot Soaks

Moisturising Cream

2019 Dates

27th & 28th April

Book Early Bird by 13th April

31st August & 1st September

Book Early Bird by 17th August

Time:- 10.30 am to 5 pm each day


The course fee is €​275, which includes ​all ​materials, videos of treatments and a manual.

Book 2 weeks before the course start date and get €50 off the course fees.




Wonderful and fun place to study and help you on your path

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