Are You Making this Mistake on Social Media?

If you're using a social media platform as the main or only way to connect with your clients and potential clients you're making a HUGE mistake on social media. And missing out on bookings.  

I'm not knocking social media, I find it a great way to spread the word about my business. 

But as we have seen recently, social media is fickle. You have no control over which or how many of your followers see your posts. You have no control over the rules and algorithms. You're on rented property. 

Check out my blog and video about 5 ways to stay visible on Facebook

To avoid this mistake on social media, you need a way to engage with people which is under your control. And that way is an   e-newsletter. You decide who receives your newsletter, you make the rules about how much text and graphics you can use etc, etc. 

Read on, and I will tell you:-

  • 1
    Why you should not use your own email to send e-newsletters. 
  • 2
    Why I recommend Mailchimp for your newsletters. 
  • 3
    3 ways you can get people to sign up for your e-newsletter. 

Don't use your own email

If you use your own email to send newsletters you risk getting blacklisted by Google. which means no one will receive your emails. And you won't know about it, you'll just see that the emails were sent. 

Secondly, by law, you need to give everyone who receives your newsletter an option to unsubscribe. This option is automictically included by newsletter providers.

Third, when you use a newsletter provider, you can see how many people opened your newsletters, how many links were clicked, how many unsubscribed etc. 

Why I recommend Mailchimp for your newsletters

Mailchimp is free for the first 2000 newsletters each month. It doesn't have some of the features of other newsletter providers, but really it has everything holistic therapists need to send regular newsletters, welcome sequences etc.

3 ways to get people to sign up for your newsletters

Social media is a great way to encourage people to sign up for your newsletters. You can have links in your posts to your sign up page, you can have a sign up box at the top of your page, you can share in groups or create events. 

If you have a website, get some sign up boxes. Thrive Leads do great opt in boxes for wordpress sites. If yo don't have a wordpress website, use Opt In Monster.

People tend to be reluctant nowadays to giving their email out. You know how quickly your inbox can fill up!! So if you include an incentive like a €10 or €15 voucher, to be used by a set date, it will encourage people to sign up and to book an appointment with you. 

You can ask people you meet to sign up for your newsletter. Have a question on your consultation forms asking clients if they'd like to sign up to get some great health & wellness tips and special offers. If you go to charity events or holistic fairs, ask people also. Have a link on your flyers, business cards and posters. 

A little word of caution. Only include the emails of people who give you permission. Don't buy email lists, don't assume someone would like to get your newsletter, don't add clients' emails unless they specifically agree that they would like to receive your newsletter. 

What's Next?

Have a look at the video and set up your email account. 

There are a lot of innovative ways to use Mailchimp to grow your business, and these are all covered in my upcoming online Holistic Business course

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