The Anatomy and Physiology Online Course is designed to make Anatomy & Physiology easy to understand and learn.

The course is divided into 13 modules, one for each system of the body. Each module includes video tutorials with downloadable slides or PDF's, questions to test your knowledge and mind maps to help with revision. 

The course is ideal for holistic therapists, Reiki practitioners, yoga/Pilates instructors, personal trainers and anyone who needs anatomy and physiology to obtain a bodywork qualification. It is an ideal course for anyone whose qualification has expired and who needs a refresher.  

The online anatomy and physiology course is an ITEC and VTCT level 3 standard.  Guided Learning Hours are approximately 95, including study & recapping and submitting questions. 

As part of the course we will look at what holistic therapists need to understand about common ailments. When is it safe to treat clients, when do you need a doctor's consent, what should you do to ensure the client's comfort throughout the treatment and what practical and natural aftercare advice can you give. 

The course follows the syllabus for ITEC and VTCT Level 3

Jenny Sheridan has been a holistic therapist and tutor for over 20 years and she has been teaching anatomy and physiology since 2008.

She has devised numerous fun and effective ways to make learning effective. Her pass rate for anatomy and physiology is ​outstanding.

Jenny has qualifications in anatomy & physiology, holistic massage, sports massage, hot stone massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, tuina acupressure, clinical aromatherapy, pregnancy massage, Indian Head Massage, Natural Facial, 5 Oil Facial, Reiki and IET.

She also has an ITEC teacher qualification, a VTCT assessor award, and a FETAC Train the Trainer Award.

The Online Anatomy and Physiology Course is the perfect option for you if:-

  • You really need an anatomy and physiology qualification but the thought of taking the course is daunting.
  • It's so hard to find the time for travelling and studying.
  • You've tried online courses before but found them very hard to follow. 
  • You speak English as a second language and feel you wouldn't manage the studying and exams. 
  • You want knowledge that you can actually use, not just to learn facts to pass an exam.
  •  You've done Anatomy and Physiology before but you would love to refresh at home in your own time. 

Why This Course?

  • Very experienced tutor - 10 years teaching ITEC and VTCT Anatomy & Physiology courses.
  • Easy study guide with proven methods to make learning easier.
  • Each module has video tutorials and downloadable pdf's.
  • Revision is made easy with a fantastic free mind map tool.
  • ​You have permanent access to the material so you can refesh whenever you need to.

I really enjoyed completing my Anatomy and Physiology Course with Jenny this year. The course was informative and enjoyable. I will always have great memories of the lessons, the laughs, the people and my time at Essentials and the new Holistic Centre is fab too!

Aoife Armstrong,

Bowen Therapist Dublin

The Online Anatomy and Physiology course includes 13 modules each with video tutorials, downloadable manuals, homework assignments & a fantastic revision tool. 

Online Anatomy and physiology course

Let's Make This Easy.....

All about study tips and other ways to make Anatomy & Physiology ​easy & enjoyable.

Online Anatomy and physiology course

The Skeletal System

How can an understanding of the bones make us better, more confident therapists?

How will we recognise skeletal disorders and how will this affect our therapies?

Online Anatomy and physiology course

Anatomical Directions

Anatomical Directions are just ways of describing clearly where something in on the body. 

A really easy and useful module.

Online Anatomy and physiology course

Muscular System

How They Work, Main Muscles of the Body, How To Remember Them All.

Why holistic therapies can reduce sports injuries, improve performance and reduce stress held in the body.

Online Anatomy and physiology course

Skin Hair & Nails

The skin, hair and nails tell us a lot about what is going on in the body.

What can holistic therapists learn from the skin, hair and nails and how can they use this knowledge to benefit their clients?

Online Anatomy and physiology course

The Circulation

Massage therapists often tell clients that massage energises, boosts the immune system and reduces pain. Here's why...

Online Anatomy and physiology course

The Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system is the helper of the circulation. This will explain even more how massage can benefit the immune system, improve skin conditions and lots more.

Online Anatomy and physiology course

The Respiratory System

We know we need oxygen to live. But do you know how else breathing does? And how holistic therapies affect this system to increase energy levels and reduce nasty colds and flus?

Online Anatomy and physiology course

The Digestive System

"You Are What You Eat" But its not just what you eat, its how efficient the digestion is. Poor digestion can cause skin problems, depression and lots more. Learn just how holistic therapies can benefit the digestive system and when to refer to a nutritional therapist. 

Online Anatomy and physiology course

The Endocrine System

The endocrine system "talks" to every other system in the body. Learn this system and you will understand one important reason why the emotional state affects the physical state. 

Online Anatomy and physiology course

The  Nervous System

The Nervous System is like the electrical system of the body.

Learn just how holistic therapies sooth the nervous system and reduce damaging effects of stress.

Online Anatomy and physiology course

The Reproductive System

All about hormones and cycles and how they affect the mood and can cause conditions such as postnatal depression. 

And how holistic therapies can help to re balance this system helping PMT, skin conditions and much more. 

Online Anatomy and physiology course

The Urinary System

Did you know an imbalance in this system can cause not just kidney & bladder disorders but also affect the skin, the mood, skeletal conditions and lots more. 

We will delve into how holistic therapies can benefit the causes and symptoms of imbalances in this system. 

Online Anatomy and physiology course

The Cell

The Cell is like a mini city. It has a brain/boss, energy supplier, transporter, waste management and lots more.......

Directed study with assignments marked and graded by a tutor.

Tutor support for 6 months

Essentials Diploma 

IICT Diploma 

one payment

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You'll be directed to PayPal where you can pay by credit card, debit card or your PayPal balance. Then you will be directed to the course page. I'll also email you a link to the course page. 


Anatomy & Physiology intimidates even the best of us. 

I did the A&P course with Jenny at Essentials and it flew by in no time. Jenny makes the classes fun, interesting and easy to remember. There is plenty of in-class revision so you know your stuff.

And at the end you pass your exams no problem.

Cindy Morrissey Ekko Therapies Dublin