Aromatherapy Wellness Professional Course

An online aromatherapy course which is approved by insurance companies in Ireland and internationally. Become a qualified aromatherapist in as little as 3 months 

Limited spaces available

Whatever your level of experience in aromatherapy, this is the perfect course for you.  Maybe you want to fulfil a personal passion, become certified aromatherapist or add to the treatment menu you offer as a qualified holistic therapist and enjoy new streams of income.

The course is very interactive with lots of personal support and guidance to ensure that you achieve the highest professional standards as an aromatherapist.  Once qualified you'll be able to work, get insurance and practise professionally as the course is accepted by most Irish and many international insurance companies.

"Very happy to recommend Jenny, the course is well laid out with a huge amount of information and varying ways to learn, lots of videos (which I love), but you can also download the accompanying slides).

Jenny even manages to make Anatomy and Chemistry fun and easy to understand!

Jenny is always on hand to help with any questions and to advise on blends and treatments which makes this a great way to learn with amazing support.

Her voice and style is soothing and easy to follow, which makes the course even more enjoyable.

Don't hesitate! If you are thinking of studying Aromatherapy, take this course, and you will have a solid foundation for life"

Christina James


The course is extremely interactive, and you'll get exceptional support as you study.

Here's how I'll support you

  • As you cover each new section, you send me a video (it's easy, I promise. And I walk you through how to do it) I send your video back to you with detailed feedback and tips, plus I email the feedback to you for easy reference.
  • As you complete written assignments and case studies, I'll share insights and suggestions with you.
  • There is a comment facility for each lesson so you can ask questions as you study. I'll get back to you within 2 working days (probably a lot sooner!). You can also read other students' questions and the answers which is super helpful
  • Plus I'm at the end of an email throughout the course if you have any questions or concerns at all. 
  • I encourage my students to ask as many questions as they need, there are no silly questions when you're learning.

"I'm loving the oils and getting used to them, I was a little afraid of them at first in case I did something wrong to somebody. I don't have a lot of confidence in myself but it is brilliant to have a teacher like yourself, to have no fear of asking any question so I thank you very much for that, it makes all the difference"

Evelyn Dwyer


If you need extra time for any reason, you'll have full access to me for support and feedback for 12 months. You can complete the course in 3 to 4 months, most students with a job or other commitments complete it within 6 months.


You'll receive an Aromatherapy Diploma which is fully insurable in Ireland and internationally. You will need to have an Anatomy & Physiology qualification to get your diploma. You can take this course with me, alongside your Aromatherapy course, or there are lots of other courses which are acceptable.  What makes this course completely different to other online aromatherapy courses is that you complete written and practical work throughout and get real time feedback, either in writing or by video. You will receive an aromatherapy diploma when you complete the course.

Module One: Detailed Study of 41 Essential Oils

You'll learn about the amazing healing power of 41 essential oils and how they can help a huge range of physical, mental and emotional ailments. 

Plus you'll learn when each oil should not be used.

Full Body Aromatherapy Massage (Optional Module)

You'll be able to give a 60 to 90 minute full body aromatherapy massage. A luxurious, deeply relaxing treatment, in which the essential oils and the massage enhance each other.

The massage is perfect for complete beginners but you can also "mix and match" with other massage techniques. For each lesson of the massage module I will send you video feedback on your techniques so by the end of the course you will be competent and confident in giving the treatment. There is no set dates for submitting your videos so you can change your schedule as it suits you. Most therapists charge between €60 and €75 for a 60 minute treatment

Aromatherapy Facial (Optional Module)

You can offer the aromatherapy facial as part of a luxurious full body massage. Or it can be a beautiful stand alone skin rejuvenating or blemish reduction treatment.

The beauty of the aromatherapy facial is that you will be able to treat, not just the skin, but the underlying causes such as stress, hormone imbalance, build up of toxins etc. This will make your facials even more effective and the effects will be long term.

To further help your clients, and create an extra income stream, you can also prepare bespoke blends for your clients to use at home between treatments.

And that's not all! You can include the aromatherapy facial in your specials, as part of a loyalty scheme and in lots of other ways to help upsell your therapies and earn extra income from your business.

As with all the practical modules on the course, you can watch the step by step video, then send me a video of yourself giving a facial so I can help you with your techniques. There is no set dates for sending your videos, and you have 12 months access to me for support and feedback. Therapists typically charge an extra €10-€15 extra to include a facial with a full body or a back massage and between €30 and €50 for a stand alone facial.

Using Essential Oils Without Massage

One of the beauties of aromatherapy is it's versatility. You will be able to treat clients with perfumes for stress, chest rubs for asthma, bath oil for fibromyalgia, diffuser oils to help sleep and so much more. You can also use aromatherapy blends as a way to add extra value, upsell your therapies and increase your income. You will have the option of effectively treating clients who are unable to visit you in person.

Aromatherapy Consultation Techniques

In this module you will learn how to talk to your clients as a friendly professional, how to make wellness decisions and how to create perfect essential oil blends based on your clients' physical conditions, emotional state and even their skin types.

You will learn the questions to ask, how to read your clients' subtle signals and how to listen to your intuition to create perfect blends blends of oils for your clients taking into account their physical condition, emotional state, skin type and even the time of day.

I will share a consultation form with you so you know the questions you need to ask to give a safe and effective treatment. You'll be able to edit the form to add your own logo etc. We will also cover online consultations including easy to use software and payment methods

Aromatherapy psychology

Essential oils have a powerful effect on the mind and emotions.

In this fascinating module, we'll discover how aroma affects the different parts of the brain and why our conscious and subconscious reacts so powerfully and individually to aroma.

Then we'll use this information to choose the most effective blends based, not just on our clients preference for particular oils but any past trauma, their stress levels, whether they suffer from anxiety or panic attacks and even their age, sex and ethnic origin.


You don't need an understanding of chemistry and elements to enjoy this module, so non "Chem Heads" can breath a sigh of relief!

Aromathemistry will take your blending to the next level. You'll learn how to create blends with your "chemistry head" as well as your intuition and therapeutic knowledge.

At the end of this module you'll know which chemicals, and oils, you need to get rid of nasty infections; powerful ways to treat severe anxiety and panic attacks (that are not taught in most aromatherapy courses); why some of the common "go to" essential oils are not the best choice for many common conditions, and lots more.

In short, this module will take your blending to the next level and you'll learn blending secrets most experienced aromatherapist don't know.

Online aromatherapy course

"Thank you, Jenny

Absolutely loved doing your course and knew it would bring me the opportunity to expand on making products. I love making natural products for my family myself and my clients. 

They have asked this year if they can buy for gifts, so I had to think outside the box and present in a way that is eye catching. 

I also recycle bottles, so thought this year is a perfect year to get my name and Reflexology in the mind of everyone.

I started to make Aromatherapy Candles as well.

So using hampers, small trays and now gin glasses my products and services are flying out the door!"

Francine O'Reilly


In this 12-minute video, I'll show you the course dashboard, how the questions work, samples of lessons  

and of feedback given to one of my students.

"I really enjoyed your lesson on How to remember the chemicals so thank you for that. The entire module has been really interesting - and chemistry is not my thing"

Julie Woods Byrne


So, how does the Aromatherapy Wellness Program work?

Choose Your Payment Methods

Choose whether you would like to pay in full or in instalments. An anatomy & physiology qualification is a prerequisite for the course. So if you don't have one, choose the second option, to include and anatomy & physiology.

Lifetime Access

You get instant lifetime access to all your online classes. You can start and work through the course in your own time. So no stress if something pops up and you need to adjust your plans. 

Ongoing Support

Since this is an online course with real time feedback, you'll need to hand in your homework. I'll support and guide you as you work through the assignments. You'll get written feedback on your questions and video feedback on your practical techniques.

Case Studies

If you are taking the full course, including massage and facial, you'll need to complete 60 treatments. If you are doing aromatherapy only (no massage) you will need to complete 30 case treatments.  Treatments can be a mix of remedies, massage and aromatherapy products. The paperwork is kept to a minimum.

Your Diploma
Claim your diploma and give yourself a massive pat on the back! Then, apply for insurance cover. Most Irish insurance companies (including Balens, Sheridan's and O'Brien Finlay) and many international insurance companies (including BGI, Towergate and Westminster Global) accept the course.

"It is very interesting to see the dosage for children from birth and the safe oils to use.

The aroma facial is a beautiful routine.

Currently, I'm working with clients that would be clinically obese, and have a lot of issues with regulating of hormones, and severe cases of acne, and anxiety, primarily I treat them with Reflexology, and have made some rollerballs for stress relief.

When I practice the Aroma facial, I will add that on too, I was particularly interested in your teachings about oils with different skin types.

At the end of the modules, I look back, and although I thoroughly enjoyed learning all the modules, I particularly felt the chemistry brought it together for me, when making a blend I'm researching yes the oil, the contraindications, but underneath " the chemistry", so I'm giving the best possible blend.

With coming to the last module, I don't feel like it's the end of a journey, It's the beginning of a new chapter with Aromatherapy, a lifelong student you have encouraged to grow.

I applaud your insights, quirky stories on oils, and your teaching techniques"

Joanna McClean



Hi I'm Jenny, the course tutor. I've been an aromatherapist, an aromatherapy tutor and practicing holistic therapist since 1997.

From the time I started reading aromatherapy books I couldn't believe how essential oils changed my life. My family had fewer doctor's visits, my house smelled divine, I had quick fixes for stress and grumpy days, I could rustle up a remedy for PMT, chicken pox, headaches and lots more.

Whether you want to fulfil a personal passion or to create an aromatherapy business, this course will transform your life with what you'll learn inside. I have taught over 150 aromatherapists who went on to set up their own successful businesses. And many more holistic massage therapists, reflexologists and others who took courses to upskill.


Online Aromatherapy Course
Online Aromatherapy Course
Online Aromatherapy Course
Online Aromatherapy Course
Online Aromatherapy Course
Online Aromatherapy Course
Online Aromatherapy Course
Online Aromatherapy Course

I'm qualified in aromatherapy, clinical aromatherapy, holistic massage, sports massage, pregnancy massage, Indian head massage, hot stone massage, Reiki, IET, reflexology, acupressure and natural facial. My teaching qualifications include an ITEC Teachers' diploma, VTCT assessors' award and a FETAC Train the Trainer Certificate.

As a therapist, I've worked in a Day Spa, and in private holistic centres. As a teacher, I've taught private classes, adult education classes in VEC colleges, and  I've run diploma courses for VTCT and ITEC.  I ran my own successful holistic centre, Essentials Holistic Centre in Malahide, Dublin, from 2012 to 2019. I made the difficult decision to close this lovely centre when the demand for online training grew a lot bigger than the demand for in person courses. And all pre covid!

My students and I have had the most spectacular results using essential oils, I included some of the stories and recipes in my book "A Step By Step Guide to Aromatherapy For Common Ailments"  which includes recipes for over 30 common physical ailments.  The book is available in all Amazon stores.

Several hundred of my students are happily running successful aromatherapy businesses that lets them help people every single day, and get well paid while they do it. 

What My Students Say About The Online Aromatherapy Course.

"Jenny is a great tutor, always at hand when I need advice for my clients, and also very knowledgeable. 

I would highly recommend Jenny's online aromatherapy course, very easy to follow, as all information is on video and slides, and also great ways of learning the information.

I am proud to call Jenny a wonderful tutor of mine"

Siobhan Lehane

"Are you considering taking the aromatherapy course with Jenny?

DO IT! I have done several courses and workshops with Jenny, and they were all amazing experiences.

Studying with Jenny is so much more than just learning another skill: Jenny brings so much personal interesting knowledge and fun to the courses.  

She makes you feel confident in your own capabilities and instils a real passion for anything holistic" 

Tessa Van Keeken




€170/Month for 6 Months


 €115/month for 9 Months


€950 one time payment

  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate start
  • 1 Year Tutor Support
  • Essential Oil Modules
  • Fully Approved



€210/Month for 6 Months


€143/month for 9 Months


€1100 One time payment

  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate start
  • 1 Year Tutor Support
  • Essential Oil Modules
  • Aromatherapy Facial
  • Aromatherapy Massage
  • Fully Approved




€255/Month for 6 Months


 €172/month for 9 Months


€1400 One time payment

  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate start
  • 1 Year Tutor Support
  • Essential Oil Modules
  • Aromatherapy Facial
  • Aromatherapy Massage
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Fully Approved





Simple, basic features and instant access to amazing case studies





Complex, exclusive features and instant access to amazing case studies. You get one-to-one proffessional training 

"I'm studying aromatherapy and massage with Jenny and I can say it was the best move for me.

She really knows how to help you absorb and retain all the information and is always there to answer any questions you have at any time.

She's made this a pleasant experience for me, and I'm really enjoying the course.

I would 100% recommend"

Caroline Cuffe
Trainee aromatherapist

"This is brilliant thanks for all the feedback! I actually realised about the shoulders as I was sending the video and made a note to myself to become a bit more aware of the posture because I do get tense shoulders, so I need to correct that.

I will also make a note of all the corrections for this week when I practice again. It is great to have detailed feedback.


Ha, yes I am flying through. I am really enjoying the course, so I am doing it full time making use of all the free time I have at the moment.

Laura Gill



  • You would LOVE to be an aromatherapist and make seemingly magic potions that make a real difference in your clients' lives.
  • You find it really hard to get to regular classes because of childcare, work or other commitments.
  • You want to understand essential oils on a very deep level - the chemistry, the magic, how they benefit people on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.
  • The thought of studying aromatherapy is really exciting and you can't wait to get started.
  • Getting ongoing support and guidance from an experienced (and patient!) tutor is really important to you.
  • You have at least 3 hours a week to learn and practice.

The Online Aromatherapy Course is NOT for you if:-

  • You're looking for an online aromatherapy course that will take less work and commitment than an in person course.
  • The thought of learning about essential oils doesn't excite you.
  • You really can't spare 3 hours a week to study.
  • You don't like the idea of a tutor regularly checking your progress and giving you feedback.
"I have completed two online courses with Jenny.

The 1st was Aromatherapy including product making course. Being a qualified Aromatherapist has really boosted my practice. I include Aromatherapy in my Reflexology & Massage therapies.

I make bespoke products for clients and found Jenny so helpful with tips and suggestions. Nothing was ever a stupid question.

I recently completed Jenny's hand reflexology course too and again found the content and material easy to follow and apply. Jenny is a very competent teacher. I would recommend her to others for sure!"

Lorna Doorley,
Holistic Therapist

Will I be able to get insurance when I finish the online aromatherapy course?

Do I get a recognised qualification at the end of the course?

How much will it cost to get everything I need to start working as an aromatherapist?

Do I need to buy all the essential oils and and vegetable oils right away?

Will I be able to learn everything I need if I speak English as a second language, if I have dyslexia or other learning difficulty or if I haven't studied for years?

How many hours a week do I need to study?

I'd love to do the online aromatherapy course but it needs to make sense financially. Will I be able to earn back the cost of the course and increase my income?

How long do I have to do the assignments and send my practice videos in?

But I'm REALLY not tekkie, will I be able to do the course?

Will I have a massage qualification as well as an aromatherapy qualification?

Do I have to do massage?

Is there an exam at the end of the course?

What Anatomy & Physiology Courses are acceptable?

Why do I need to have an Anatomy & Physiology qualification to get an Aromatherapy Diploma?

"Absolutely loving all your videos. The repetition really helps me remember stuff, and I'm feeling more confident.

Always get a laugh from your videos; you're a tonic and God bless your energy your positivity and enthusiasm is contagious.

The etymology of the word enthusiasm comes from 'the God within' and yours is definitely fully charged !!"

Jennifer O'Sullivan



I understand that the online aromatherapy course is a big commitment. If you're not used to online courses and you're not tekkie minded, you may be worried that you'll be overwhelmed and confused.I have made everything straight forward and easy to follow but just to be sure why not take the course for a "test drive"? If you change your mind for any reason within 14 days after you enroll, I will refund your fees, no questions asked. Jenny xx