Reflexology Left Foot Sequence

Look over my shoulder and follow along as I work on the left foot. 

The left foot is of course very similar to the right foot, but there are a couple of differences

  1. Oesophagus. In this sequence we only work the oesophagus in the left foot
  2. Heart. Also we just work the heart on the left foot. Why is this? We are following Eunice Ingham's theory of reflexology. Eunice developed reflexology in the 1930's. She said as the bulk of the heart is in the left side of the body, she would work the reflex on the left foot
  3. Stomach & Pancreas. On the right foot we worked the stomach and pancreas in zone 1 directly below the diaphragm. On the left foot we work them in zone 1 to zone 3, because this is how they are positioned in the body
  4. Liver. We work the liver in the right foot only, because the bulk of it is in the right side of the body.
  5. Spleen. The spleen is on the left side of the body and is worked in the left foot only 
  6. Colon. On the right foot we work the ascending colon and part of the transverse colon. On the left foot we work the rest of the transverse colon, the descernding colon, the rectum and the anus.

As before, practice each section and send me a video. As you learn new sections on the left foot, practice all the previous sections of the left foot and send me videos.

There is no need to rework the right foot until you have completed the left foot. When you have completed the left foot, then practice both feet and send me videos of yourself working the full sequence on both feet. 

Remember to complete a foot map for each treatment, especially if you've worked on the client before. It's a great way to check their progress.

I really want to give you all the support I would in a physical class. So remember these videos are not exams.

Finally, please let me know if there is anything you don't understand or if there is anything that you think would improve the course for you. I want to make sure you get everything you need in terms of enjoyment, feeling confident and getting results in your business. So I really appreciate the feedback.

There are NO silly questions when you're learning something and NO such thing as too many questions

Jenny xx

Lesson 1

Head, Neck & Chest

The toes symbolise the head and face area. Here, I'll explain why you're working on the points in this area

Lesson 2

Digestive System

Practice working on the digestive system

Toes to Digestive System

Practice the left foot from the toes to the end of the digestive system

Lesson 3

Gluts, Sciatic Nerve & Reproductive System

Recap from Toes to End of Reproductive System

Lesson 4

Spine, Lymphatics, Knee & Hip

Left Foot Complete

Spine, Lymphatics, Knee & Hip

Left Foot Complete

Lesson 5

Right Foot Complete

Left Foot Complete

Right Foot Complete

Left Foot Complete

Chakra Balancing and Foot Hug

Finally, a beautiful chakra balancing on the spine reflexes

and finish with the Foot Hug

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