Hand Reflexology 

Hand Reflexology is very versatile and has lots of benefits for the therapist and the client.

It's great for aftercare advice (it can be inconvenient or for some clients impossible to work on their own feet)

It's a lovely way to upgrade any other treatment and introduce clients to the benefits of reflexology. 

You can use hand reflexology to create extra income streams (doing corporate work, giving treatments in nursing homes etc)

It's ideal for open days, and charity events. You can showcase your treatments and build your client base. 

In this module we'll cover:-

  1. Reflexes on the hand. Some reflexes on the hand are the same as those on the feet, for instance the head and brain reflexes are on the toes and the fingers. Others like the kidneys and bladder are not so obvious.
  2. Acupoints on the hand. Acupressure is very powerful, and it works wonderfully well with reflexology
  3. Hand Sequence. You can watch as I give a hand reflexology treatment. 

As before, practice and send me a video. You can do the treatment on someone else or on yourself.  

As always, let me know if you have any questions or need any help.

Jenny xx

Lesson 1

Reflexes on the hand

I point out the reflexes and the main divisions of the hand. There's a handy chart below the video for quick reference. 

Lesson 2

Acupoints on the hand

The acupoints are fantastic for pain, anxiety, infection and respiratory conditions. The slides are below the video.

Lesson 3

Hand Reflexology Sequence

To complete this section,

1. Send me a video of a hand reflexology treatment (you can do the treatment on someone else or on yourself)

2. Complete the Multiple Choice Questions

3. Complete the written assignment.

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