Reading the Feet

You're going to LOVE this lesson.

By reading the feet, we look at them - colour, temperature, muscle tone and lots more and we get a good indication of the client's energy levels, mental state and lots more.

We also learn a lot by observing the client and working on the feet. But equally important is your intuition or gut feeling. reflexologists often get a strong, seemingly illogical "sense" of what the client needs. 99% of the time this is correct.

When I read a client's feet I chat with the client to see if my interpretations are accurate so I know what I need to focus on. I'll ask questions like "Are you feeling tired today?" "Do you get headaches often?" etc.

I don't read the feet like a parlour trick to impress him or her. reading the feet is part of the treatment to make sure you give the client the best treatment possible on each visit. 

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What is Reading the Feet?

Eunice Ingham's Foot Map

Some Examples

Look over my shoulder as I read 2 pairs of feet. There is a foot map below which you can download by clicking on the image or the button.

Every time you practice reflexology techniques, do a foot reading too. If you are unsure at all take a picture of the feet you are reading and send it to me along with your completed foot map. I will let you know if there is anything you have missed.

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