Reflexology Refresher Course

You'll get lifetime access to the full online reflexology diploma course, you can pick and choose the modules you need to refresh or learn more about. 

There are optional multiple choice questions which you can complete to earn CPD points.

Mastering the practical skills you need is essential, but so is learning practical and effective ways to attract your dream clients. The bonus masterclass, "From Pause to Prosper", will guide you step by step through proven ways to market your business. 

"I am currently in the process of completing my Reflexology training with Jenny.

Her teaching methods are so thorough, interesting and easy to follow.

Jenny is always there for me anytime I have a question, and is forever helpful. She makes learning fun and enjoyable.

I feel confident having trained with Jenny, and I cannot recommend her highly enough"

Martina Ryan

" Having studied reflexology, aromatherapy massage and anatomy & physiology with Jenny, I would highly recommend her as a teacher. She makes the course materials easy to understand and remember. She breaks the information down into small pieces and explains it simply.

I wouldn't hesitate to train with her again" 

Jessica Canning

Online is not alone, you'll be able to ask any questions you need to through a comment facility within the course, and I'll get back to you asap. 


Online Reflexology Course

Module 1: How Does Reflexology Work?

We'll explore some fascinating theories about how reflexology actually works.

  • Is it energy?
  • Is it nerve connection?
  • Is it meridian lines?

There are lots of fascinating theories but none that fully explain the power of this wonderful therapy.

Online Reflexology Course

Module 2: Reading of the Feet

You'll learn to look at a client's feet and tell, with uncanny accuracy, whether they have a headache, back pain, if they're feeling tired, depressed and so much more.

We learn so much from temperature, colour, skin texture that reading the feet will be a simple matter to you but astonish other people!

As you work through the course you send me "foot readings" of your clients with pictures of their feet (with their permission of course). We'll discuss your findings, and I'll share my insights with you so you'll feel confident about your own interpretations and treatment plans.

Online Reflexology Course

Module 3: Full Reflexology Foot Treatment.

Reading the feet is fascinating. But when you work on the feet, focusing on areas suggested by the reading, and see an often immediate improvement, it's mind blowing.

You'll learn how to give a 45 minute to one hour treatment using beautiful, relaxation techniques along with more detailed work focusing on particular reflexes.

Reflexologists typically charge €50 to €65 for a 60 minute session making reflexology a really viable business option or a fantastic way to earn a substantial extra income if you have a job or other commitments.

Online Reflexology Course

Module 4: Hand Treatment

The hand treatment is surprisingly relaxing and very useful when you want to give a quick treatment, or work on clients who may not be comfortable removing their footwear.

Hand reflexology is very popular in nursing homes and for disabled people. Many of my students work one or two days a week in homes which is a great way to earn a regular income alongside your private practice.

It also makes a lovely add-on treatment as part of a massage, aromatherapy or other holistic treatment. Add-ons are an easy way to add amazing value for your clients, raise your rates and increase your bookings.

Online Reflexology Course

Module 5: Mini Treatment

The mini treatment (10 to 20 minutes) is perfect for charity events, open days, school fêtes etc where you want to show potential clients how they can benefit from reflexology without giving a full one hour treatment. This is a fantastic way to build up your client base and get referrals.

It also makes a wonderful upgrade to other treatments like facials, massage or aromatherapy. This means you can offer longer sessions, increase the value to your clients and increase your income. Holistic therapists typically charge €10 to €15 for an extra 10 minutes in a treatment.

Online Reflexology Course

Module 6: Consultation techniques & client care

In this module you will learn how to talk to your clients as a friendly professional, how to make wellness decisions and how to create a perfect treatment plan based on your clients' physical conditions and emotional state.

You will learn the questions to ask, how to read your clients' subtle signals and how to listen to your intuition to give an outstanding treatment for each client.

I will share a consultation form with you so you know the questions you need to ask to give a safe and effective treatment. You'll be able to edit the form to add your own logo etc.

Online Reflexology Course

Module 7: Chakra Balancing

Chakra balancing is a powerful, gentle and supremely relaxing way to end a treatment.

This is a technique that will really enhance your treatments and the benefit clients get. It also gives you an advantage as not many reflexologists include this technique.

We'll cover the 7 major chakras, their reflexes on the feet and how to balance your client's subtle energy.

Bonus: From Pause to Prosper

You don't just need to refresh your therapeutic skills, you need practical ways to attract clients, encourage rebookings and build the business of your dreams. 

And in this 60 minute class, I'll share the proven ways I have learned in almost 30 years working as a therapist.

Pay in Full Bonus

Reflexology Products Course

Learn how to make beautiful reflexology products to enhance your treatments, give your clients better results and help you stand out as the exceptional reflexologist you are.

You'll learn how to make foot balm, sugar scrub, nourishing hand sanitiser, and natural moisturisers. 

Usual price €67, you get it free when you enrol in the Reflexology Diploma Course by 1st March at midnight

How does the Reflexology Refresher Course work?

Choose Your Payment Option
You can pay in one payment or multiple monthly payments, and decide if you would like to take the Anatomy and Physiology course or not. 

Lifetime Access

You get instant lifetime access to the full course! You can start and work through the course in your own time.  And if you have any questions, you can ask them right within each course lesson.

CPD points and Certificate

 There are optional multiple choice questions which you can complete to reinforce your learning and earn CPD points. 

          Reflexology Refresher Coursese

One Time Payment of €297/$325US/$491AUD

OR 3 Payments of €99/$108USD/$164AUD

OR 4 Payments of €79/$87USD/$131AUD


Hi I'm Jenny, the course tutor. I've been a holistic therapist and holistic therapy tutor since 1997.

I taught for ITEC and VTCT and created CPD courses where I saw a need.

I'm qualified in Fertility Reflexology, Reflexology for the Elderly, Reflexology for Cancer and more

I help holistic therapists to train, upskill and enjoy 2K months, working part-time.Due to a huge demand, I've been teaching online since 2017. 

If you want to refresh your amazing reflexology skills and get started building a profitable business, this is the course for you. 


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Peace of Mind Promise

Take the Reflexology Refresher Course for a no obligation test drive! If within 7 days of enrolment, you decide it's not for you, I'll refund your money, no questions asked.

Jenny xx