In this post I'll share 10 easy and free ways to sell more holistic therapy vouchers this year. They're easy, free and they work!

Selling vouchers is not just about getting a nice income boost at Christmas (though that is great!) it will help you to attract more regular clients and increase your income all year round!

Because you can sell vouchers all year round, practically on autopilot. And if even a few of your new clients become regulars and tell their friends, that can make a massive difference to what you take home.

How to sell more vouchers in your holistic therapy business

And without further ado, here are the 10 ways to sell more holistic therapy vouchers:-

  •  Have the vouchers clearly visible on your website.
  •  Include them in your Google My Business listing.
  •  Create a monthly post on Google My Business about your vouchers.
  •  Send information and a link to buy vouchers in your emails and newsletters.
  •  Create a pinned post on your Facebook page.
  •  Put a poster with your voucher information on your therapy room door.
  •  Put a poster in your reception area if allowed.
  •  Make your vouchers fancy with a nice bag and mini gifts (tea bag, samples of products etc)
  •  Create a short video of you unpacking the bag and share it on social media, your website and Google My Business.
  •  Create Facebook and Instagram Reels, Stories and Highlights about your vouchers

Why not push this to the top of your to-do list and spend (at most) a couple of hours putting these ideas in place?

If you sell 20 vouchers @ €50 over Christmas, and 10 each around Mother's Day, Valentine's Day and Father's Day, plus an average of 2 a week for 50 weeks that will increase your income by over €1500!

And  if you get 20 regular clients who rebook every month that's a total of €13,620 extra in a year!

You can start using these ideas today, and you'll see some great results. But if you'd like more help, why not join my Fully Booked Therapists membership

Would you like 50 + easy tips to increase your bookings in any economy?

  • Effective social media ideas,
  • Get regular bookings with newsletters and texts,
  • Easy treatment upgrades and reward schemes,
  • Get to the top of Google,
  • Options for extra income streams.



I'm Jenny

I've been a holistic therapist and tutor since 1997, I've worked from home, from lots of different centres and colleges, and I've been employed and self-employed. 

I ran my own successful holistic therapy centre and college, called Essentials in the lovely village of Malahide, only closing it because there were more students asking for online than in for person training. 

But filling my appointment book and earning a decent living from my therapies was quite a struggle at first. I made tons of mistakes and wasted lots of time and money.

But I found ways to build my business, ways that didn't take hours every 

 week, and that cost very little money. I taught these to my students and I got such a buzz seeing them become successful and happy in their own holistic businesses. 

I love sharing practical business and marketing tips in my blog, on social media and in my membership, so that other holistic therapists can build profitable and deeply satisfying without the stress and frustration I went through. 

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